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Namecheap Launches Express Dedicated Servers and Power Dedicated Servers

Domain name registrar and web host Namecheap has launched two new energy efficient dedicated server offerings:

  • Express Server Offering: Ideal for people/organizations who need a server in a hurry. Priced at $99.00/mo.
  • Power Server Offering: Ideal for people/organizations looking for advanced services such as server administration and management. Priced at $249.00 /mo.

In a recent interview with DailyHostNews, Mr. Matt Russell, VP of Hosting, Namecheap did mention that “We’re launching a new, comprehensive range of dedicated servers in the very near future based out of our Phoenix data center.”

NameCheap New dedicated servers

“2013 is an exciting year for the hosted services division at Namecheap,” says Matt. “Our brand new range of dedicated servers kick off the year and offer a wide range of hardware configurations at different price points to suit all budgets. Our price vs specification level is among the most competitive around, and our commitment to using enterprise grade hardware is unparalleled,” he added.

Every dedicated server is a premium Supermicro server with enterprise hard disks and full IPMI. Servers also feature a full public and private network, powered by 10 Gigabit network running on redundant Brocade switches and routers.

An opportunity for customers to keep their services under one roof with Namecheap’s domain name registration and SSL certificate offerings, the new servers are located at Namecheap’s Phoenix, AZ datacenter facility.

For more details, please click here.

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