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.id Registry, as the official Indonesian Internet Domain Name Registry, has announced that ‘’ Domain Names will be available for purchase with a special starting price of US$1, for end-user registration and extensions worldwide. The pricing will be effective from September 17th, 2019.

The President of .id Registry, Yudho Giri Sucahyo, stated that as the name suggests, offers a very unique approach in presenting an identity. The domain is considered ideal to be used as a blog or personal email address.

“It represents ‘My International Domain’ or ‘My Identity’. Therefore, it’s ideal to be used as an individual website address,” he said.

The registration process is very simple; the requirement is only an active email verification, no documents required, and the user is ready to go!

Despite all the ease in having the domain name, .id Registry doesn’t compromise with information security and the regulatory compliance.

“As the official Indonesian registry of .id domain, we are committed to obeying the Indonesian law. If there are any proven .id addresses that violate the law, we will suspend it and, even, take it down,” Yudho asserted.

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In addition to, the .id Registry will also offer and .id to the international market as well as marketing these Domain Names domestically.

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