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Mr. Sascha Bayer, CEO, GateSecure talks about “Family Freedom as a Service” at WHD.India 2013

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The session I was looking forward most at WHD.India 2013 started with a video showing a pedophile luring a lass in front of her mother, trying to bring home the point that just like parents won’t let anything like this happen IRL to their kids and will protect them, they should do the same when it comes to how children use their Internet.

The session titled “Doing well by doing good. Family freedom as a service,” had Mr. Sascha Beyer, CEO, GateSecure, talking about how Family Freedom as a Service targets every age group – “Your customers, ex-customer and future customers.”

Sascha Bayer CEO Gatesecure at WHD.India 2013

This was followed by a couple of “Don’ts,” as Mr. Sascha put them:

  • “Don’t think you don’t have to do it” – Emphasizing how internet usage control because of government regulations, customer relations, customer retention.
  • “Don’t think devices, think people” – Building devices according to the needs of family members.
  • “Don’t think technology, think education”- Importance of providing qualified support and avoiding false positives.
  • “Don’t think parents know more than children”- Emphasis on how kids are smarter than most family member thinks they are.
  • “Don’t think black and white (list)- Providing intelligent tools that inform the parents in case kids look for something on the internet that they should be “Don’t annoy users”- Importance of not being too restrictive and making Internet easy to use.
  • “Don’t ever kill the internet”- Exactly what it sounds like.
  • “Don’t target parents, target the kids”- Since parents only buy, but kids are the actual users, the services are to be designed according to them.
  • “Don’t ask families for money”- How GateSecure provides basic services free of charge and charges only for premium services. Mr. Sascha also talked about monetization through indirect leverage of user bases.

Mr. Sascha wrapped-up the session highlighting how every one – web hosting providers, software vendors and developers can use GateSecure’s broad range of white label OEM software services to provide services that prevent internet misuse and protect data.

For more information, click here.

The next session lined up is “Reaching the next level of hosting,” by Mr. Prashant Jain, Director, CtrlS, at 6:20 PM.

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