Two Asian countries find a place in the top 10 most creative countries online

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In the digital age, creativity has taken on a whole new dimension. The internet has opened up a world of opportunities for individuals and businesses alike to showcase their talents and ideas. With the continuous growth of the internet, it has become easier than ever to create and share content online, and this has led to a significant increase in creative activity in recent years.

To investigate the global scope of online creativity, web hosting provider Hostinger conducted a study to find out which countries are leading the way in website and app creation as well as GitHub activity. The results of the study are quite fascinating and reveal some interesting insights about the most creative countries online.

creative online countries

Frontrunners of online activity

At the forefront of online creativity are Iceland, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. These three countries are leading the way in website and app creation as well as GitHub activity. In terms of overall online creativity, Iceland takes the lead, followed by Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Mobile app development leaders

When it comes to mobile app development, Cyprus, Israel, and Singapore are the clear leaders. These countries have a high number of app developers and are producing some of the most innovative and successful mobile apps in the world.

Website development leaders

In terms of website development, the United States, Malta, and Iceland are the top performers among generic TLDs. Meanwhile, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Denmark are leading the way in country-code TLDs.

Leaders in GitHub activity

Finally, when it comes to GitHub activity, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Switzerland are the top performers. GitHub is a platform for developers to collaborate on software development projects, and it is clear that these countries have a thriving community of developers who are actively sharing and contributing to open-source projects.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson for Hostinger said: “We often don’t stop and think about what online creativity is or how it can be measured. It’s been fascinating to see just how different economies are shaped by different types of web development endeavors. This study also opened our eyes to some emerging economies where the online revolution has just started, and it’s exciting to be at the forefront of all these new technologies.”

Creativity and innovation are thriving online, and there is a diverse range of countries contributing to this growth. With the internet providing an increasingly accessible platform for creativity, more exciting and innovative developments can be expected in the years to come. Read more here.

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