Monarx and Hostinger announce partnership to prevent malware and reduce operation costs

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Monarx, the #1 most effective security solution for linux web hosting, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Hostinger, a global hosting company that hosts millions of websites, online shops, and domains.

Monarx is now securing shared plans offered by Hostinger 24×7. With easy deployment, Hostinger quickly protects servers with a single command line & provides instant malware protection for their end users. Shared domain owners enjoy “on by default” protection with zero/no configuration or installation.

In addition to providing unmatched malware protection, Monarx dug deeper into Hostinger’s needs and goals to innovate and build additional features and functionality to add to the already powerful arsenal of Monarx protection products.

Features like:

  • Fine-tuning and performance optimizations via auditd (The Linux Audit daemon) integration to further reduce scanning overhead & time-to-detection
  • Enabled a new agent package for Process Monitoring resolution of executables (enable telemetry on & identification of potentially malicious running processes)
  • Released a new agent capability to identify and remediate malicious processes (in-memory malware, crypto miners, etc)
  • Proactively identified a number of potential optimization and security opportunities outside of our product (e.g. WordPress filesystem access method, file manager bug, backup solution ownership, etc.)
  • Responded to Hostinger’s customer service needs by creating a site cleanup service that has drastically reduced ticket resolution time.

“We’re proud to be Hostinger’s chosen solution for securing their customers’ websites.  Hostinger is a large, sophisticated, and demanding partner, and they see a huge volume of advanced attacks, so it’s rewarding to see how we’ve been able to keep everything running smoothly and securely with great technology & collaboration”, said Jeremy Warren, CEO of Monarx. “Our hybrid Agent- and Cloud-based malware protection is a new take that provides off premise analysis, resulting in minimal performance impact.”

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