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Mobeus and Oblon Collaborate on a Non-Headset Genre of Virtual Reality

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Mobeus, in collaboration with Oblon, has filed a portfolio of patent applications with the USPTO that will enable a new genre of virtual reality experiences that are accessible and inclusive to all

SPARTA, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ARMobeus, the innovative technology startup behind Airglass, and Oblon, one of the world’s largest intellectual property law firms, have collaborated on a portfolio of patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and other international intellectual property regulatory bodies for a new genre of virtual reality (VR) that does not require any additional hardware such as (augmented reality) AR glasses or VR headsets. The collaboration began over two years ago and aims to create a more inclusive and accessible VR experience.

“Mobeus has taken a step forward in pioneering innovation that will transcend the current hardware limitations for virtual reality,” said Mike Sutcliff, co-founder and CEO at Mobeus. “It is exciting to enable users of any proficiency to reap the rewards of technology like we saw Tom Cruise used in the movie Minority Report. This portfolio of patents shows our commitment to being a forward-thinking tech company that will help customers deliver superior immersive and interactive experiences.”

“The portfolio includes inventions that add a ‘futuristic gesture-like experience’ to the outside of any computer and a ‘depth-like metaverse experience’ to the inside of any computer screen, without needing a headset,” said James Love, a partner at Oblon. He adds, “The first time I tried the prototype comprising the inventions was transformative; the connectedness you feel with your old screen is a new relationship between us and our existing devices.”

The eventual virtual smart glass technology will enable consumers to see and interact with any existing document, media, website, game, or app within the depth of the new virtual reality genre. The result is an interactive perception of depth surrounding a screen derived from the built-in camera on the device. The reach of this new path to virtual reality includes consumers who have existing devices but might need more hardware to experience current genres of virtual reality, such as AR and VR.

While putting the portfolio of applications into a broader context, Maryam Imam, Head of Intellectual Property at Mobeus, said, “Just like we all added a browser to our devices to see the Internet, we might add a virtual smart glass to our devices to see this new genre of virtual reality. Working with this team has been the highlight of my career; the team here is pioneering.”

The portfolio was developed by an international team of inventors, engineers, and designers. An introduction of the technology is available as Mobeus Airglass, a lite, immersive and interactive experience that mixes meetings and illustrations into a sense of depth around the screens of Apple Macs and Microsoft PCs.

“The inventors at Mobeus are truly on the cutting-edge, with a revolutionary innovation almost every week,” said Robert Tarcu, a partner at Oblon. “We at Oblon dedicate our one-of-a-kind staff and professional resources to help cultivate these innovations into an exciting portfolio.”

Mobeus will demonstrate the new virtual reality genre using a prototype of the company’s virtual smart glass technology at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. To learn more about Mobeus and its innovative product capabilities, please visit

About Mobeus

Mobeus is an innovative technology startup based in Sparta, New Jersey. The company aims to reduce friction between people and technology by enabling a novel form of expression. Mobeus is a fully remote company with an international team of inventors, engineers, and designers passionate about creating products that deliver a superior creative experience. Their flagship product, Airglass, is a video and audio communications tool that creates a sense of depth on conventional screens, allowing users to mix people and applications simultaneously. At Mobeus, the team strives to develop cutting-edge technology and solutions that enhance humanity, positively impact relationships, and give people a new way of interacting in the digital world. Learn more at

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Assisting clients for over 50 years, Oblon is one of the largest intellectual property law firms in the United States. Oblon’s professionals provide a full range of intellectual property services to some of the world’s leading innovators. Oblon is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia within steps of the United States Patent and Trademark Office with an affiliate office in Tokyo, Japan. Visit for more information on the firm.


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