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Reliam, Stratalux and G2 Tech Group merge into Mission

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Reliam, Stratalux and G2 Tech Group merge into Mission

Mission, a managed services and consulting company for cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, debuts today as the new company born from the recent mergers of AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partners Reliam, Stratalux, and G2 Tech Group.

Since these mergers, completed earlier in 2018, the combined organization has grown revenue sixfold, doubled its customer base to 175 enterprises, and more than tripled its headcount.

Operating under the tagline “Mission – Let’s Achieve Yours,” Mission promises a uniquely immersive approach to understanding each customer’s specific cloud needs and long-term vision, and then expertly harnesses the power of the cloud to achieve those goals.

Mission commands deep expertise in the architecture, migration, management, performance, and cost-optimization of cloud environments, and applies that acumen with a passionate belief in cloud technologies as the greatest tool for delivering effective and lasting business transformation.

The result is a company that teams with organizations across industries to help them get where they need to go, and to help them develop more agile and more creative applications faster than ever.

Building on the foundation of three well-established and thriving cloud service providers, Mission now features coast-to-coast geographic coverage with offices in Los Angeles and Boston.

Mission’s uncommon breadth of AWS technical and strategic proficiencies includes more than 90 AWS certifications held among the company’s cloud operations professionals and solutions architects. Mission is also an APN Advanced Consulting Partner who has achieved Competency Partner status in DevOps, Healthcare, and Life Sciences.

The company has particularly deep domain expertise across the media and entertainment, mobile gaming, digital media, education, consumer goods, marketing, ecommerce, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) verticals.

With the new brand comes an updated and more robust cloud services structure. The core of Mission’s managed services – built to free organizations from the burden of cloud management and optimization so they can focus on building their applications and growing their businesses – includes:

  • Managed Cloud: 24x7x365 support, adherence to current best practices, automated maintenance, advanced monitoring, managed backups, expert consultation.
  • Managed DevOps: IT roadmapping, accelerated deliveries, advanced and rapid support, CI/CD, long-term consulting.
  • Managed Security: real-time data monitoring, compliance enforcement, data archiving, AI/ML protection, attack mitigation.
  • Managed Application Performance: real-time metrics, proactive performance management, alert response.
  • Professional Services: AWS Well-Architected Reviews, migrations, configuration management, architecture, best practices implementation, cloud transformations, strategic consulting.
  • Cloud Optimization: detailed spend attribution, best practices benchmarking, cost optimization, simplified invoicing.

“We have a vision to guide and support organizations worldwide to confidently embrace and leverage the transformative power of cloud computing, and to do good for themselves, their teams, their customers, and their stakeholders,” said Simon Anderson, CEO, Mission.

“The next twenty years of global development will require rapid innovation, deep insights, and flexible, cost-effective cloud platforms that deliver rapid, tangible value to all. Mission will play a leading role in partnering with your company to design your future value, and to achieve your goals.”

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Customers can connect with Mission and explore its offerings – including free on-demand consultations with AWS-certified solutions architects – at

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