Microsoft Workplace Analytics tool to help organizations boost productivity

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Microsoft recently announced the general availability of its big data analytical tool – Workplace Analytics, designed to give C-level executives an understanding of employee productivity across multiple departments.

The tool will be available as an add-on with Office 365 enterprise plan.

With this, anyone using Office 365 at work can expect regulated nudges for enhancing their job performance from the company’s top level executives.

They will now be able to study and analyze employee behaviors that are favorable to work through comprehensive data dashboards.

The Workplace Analytics tool collects metadata information from Office 365 email and calendar through Microsoft Graph and later reflects organization’s way of collaborating on various tasks.

Thus, it simply turns the data generated through employee communication into certain behavioral patterns to help understand how an organization works.

The tool will enable enterprises to build and run real-time queries within it, and visualize the data patterns through PowerBI dashboards.

Microsoft also presented some use cases of the product for improving sales productivity and enhancing managerial effectiveness.

The overview dashboard within the tool will give organizations single view across week in the life, which will give a summary of time spent on various tasks; meetings overview, which will give information on time spent on meetings and their result; management and coaching, which will define the time employee spent while having one-on-one discussion with his manager and network and collaboration, which will tell how employees are connecting across the organization.

Image Credit: Microsoft

The tool, apart from providing data on how employees are managing time, can also help organizations evaluate the non-productive activities and come up with solutions that will be satisfying to both – the employees and the organization.

With Workplace Analytics, Microsoft has got itself added in the list of other software providers like SAP who are helping organizations focus on being productive by offering various big data analytical tools.

Microsoft has always tried to equip organizations with collaboration and productivity enhancer apps. Few months back, it introduced live co-authoring feature for Excel, to help teams connect better.

Its Workplace Analytics is another step towards this direction.

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