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Microsoft Word now crosses 1 Billion installs on Android devices


The Android version of Microsoft Word has reached a particularly notable milestone: crossing 1 billion installations on the Android devices, according to the Google Play Store (via Android Police).

The company’s other Office apps, since the release, have been doing well too. The number of installs for Office apps such as Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and OneDrive have crossed the 500 million install mark. The number of Outlook installs is consistently growing with more than 100 million installations.

It is worth pointing out that some Android devices already come with pre-installed Word and other primary Office apps. This is because Microsoft has agreements with some manufacturers to pre-install its apps on several devices. However, the milestone recently achieved by Word is still huge.

This March, Microsoft team revealed that its latest Windows 10 reached a significant number of installations of more than 800 million times. These figures are quite an accomplishment as Microsoft continues to experience stagnant growth in the market.

Last month, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said in an interview that his greatest mistake ever was missing the Android mobile market. He later noted that “Android is the standard mobile platform. A natural thing for Microsoft to win,” Gates said in an event hosted by a US venture capital firm, Village Global.

Though Microsoft haven’t received remarkable success in the mobile market, but it seems like its Office apps on mobile devices are having significant market penetration.

Microsoft regularly updates its Office apps for the Android platform. It recently rolled out a new set of icons to its Office apps in an update.

Currently, Microsoft Inspire 2019 event is in progress. Once again, the company has come up with a variety of approaches on getting the partners aligned with the latest efforts of Microsoft.

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  1. Hi There, We can do some small work of Ms Office by using the Android vesrsion of office


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