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Microsoft to build two massive Azure data centers in Western US

Azure data centers in Arizona

Microsoft is going to expand its cloud infrastructure presence in the Western United States by developing a couple of new Azure data centers in Arizona.

Over the last year, the company has purchased land at two locations in the City of Goodyear, Arizona. The new Azure data centers will be developed at these locations. Microsoft purchased the first site last year for around $48 million, and the second site recently for $37 million.

“As part of our plans to support the growing demand for cloud and internet services in Arizona and across the western United States, Microsoft recently purchased land at two locations in Goodyear, Arizona, where we intend to develop world-class data center facilities,” a Microsoft spokesperson said.

“Although early in our development process, we’re making the commitment to pursue LEED Gold certification for the facilities we develop in Arizona.”

Microsoft already has its cloud availability presence in the Western US. The new data centers will join the existing ones in West Central US, Utah, US Gov in Arizona, West US in the San Francisco Bay Area, and West US 2 in Washington State. Overall, Microsoft currently has 54 Azure regions across 140 countries, which is more than any other cloud provider.

Microsoft said that its new data centers will be more energy- and water-efficient as compared to traditional data centers. These data centers will also generate less waste and support human health.

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Reports suggest that it is a five-building data center project, which means that Microsoft will develop three more buildings. As per the development agreement, each of the building will consume up to one million gallons of water every day.

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