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Microsoft Stock is building AI marketplace.

Microsoft Stock is building AI marketplace.

Microsoft stock-MSFT saw a good start this year with a year -to- date appreciation of 5%. It closed higher, more than 10% up, in 2016 too.

In January, Microsoft declared its Q2 results. Its earnings per share exceeded analysts’ estimate by 4 cents and company’s revenue exceeded analysts’ estimate by $790 million, thus company saw a growth of 4% in comparison to a decline of 3% in the previous fiscal year’s same quarter.

Artificial Intelligence market is growing at faster pace. Keeping in mind the projected growth and positive trends of the artificial intelligence market, Microsoft is taking several initiatives to earn huge benefits from this trend.

Throughout the past few years, it has acquired many companies like VoloMetrix, Genee, Aorato to fortify its presence in the AI market. Recent acquisition of the tech giant is a Canadian Artificial Intelligence startup, that is focused on natural language processing technology. Maluuba’s co-founders appreciated Microsoft Azure cloud’s abilities in the spread of artificial intelligence.

Recently, Microsoft also publicized the launch of the Azure based Connected Vehicle Platform that is its effort to acquire some good portion of the growing connected cars market. This platform is designed with a focus on multiple key features such as predictive maintenance, enhanced in-car productivity, building autonomous driving capabilities, advanced navigation, and customer visions.

This launch was followed by a patent licensing deal with Toyota that includes features like access to entertainment and navigation, voice recognition developed by the company.

So Microsoft’s cloud platform is displaying huge signs of positive growth and is projected to grow at much competitive rate in the coming years.

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