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Microsoft introduces services for moving SQL Server and applications to Azure to help customers get better ROI

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Microsoft announced a number of new services and updates to its Azure cloud platform, aimed at making it easier for organizations to migrate mission critical database workloads to its cloud data centers.

The new services include SQL Database Managed Instance, Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server, Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL, Azure Database Migration Service and Azure Migrate.

The SQL Database Managed Instance is a managed version of SQL Server running in the cloud, which enables migration of SQL Server workloads to a completely managed database service. Currently available for preview, the new service is fully compatible with SQL Server engine and native virtual network (VNET).

To streamline databases migration to SQL Database Managed Instance, Microsoft also announced expanding Azure Database Migration Service (Azure DMS) for supporting SQL Database Managed Instance. DMS is a comprehensive solution for moving on-premises SQL Server to Azure SQL Database for complete database support.

“Managed Instance offers full engine compatibility with existing SQL Server deployments including capabilities like SQLAgent, DBMail, and Change Data Capture, to name a few, and built-on the highly productive SQL Database service,” wrote Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Azure Data, in a blog post.

Microsoft expanded its Azure Hybrid Benefit Program with support for SQL Server. Customers will now be able to move on-premises SQL Server licenses to Managed Instance. This program will help customers save up to 30% on SQL Database Managed Instance bills when migrating an existing license to Azure.

Azure database services for MySQL and PostgreSQL, which were available for preview since last year, are now generally available. These services will especially be helpful for those organizations who want to leverage benefits of open source software, without dealing with the hassles that come with scaling and patching databases.

“Azure database services for MySQL and PostgreSQL offer the community versions to ensure simplest migration and fastest path to development with these services on Azure,” added Kumar.

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Microsoft also announced general availability of Azure Migrate, the software for cloud migration planning. The Azure Migrate enables deep insight for cloud migration projects so that customers can know about right-sized resources, cost estimates, as well as guidance on workload readiness.

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