Microsoft to refresh UI and UX of Visual Studio 2019

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Visual Studio 2019

Microsoft is refreshing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of Visual Studio 2019, which was announced in June this year.

The preview of expected changes to UI and UX has been released. As a part of the development of Visual Studio 2019, Microsoft is updating the product and preview icons and splash screen, changing the theme, and helping developers to code faster.

“We work on improving our icons for each release of Visual Studio so that you can quickly spot which version of Visual Studio you’re opening and using. We caught some usability issues around the style of the icon in the early stages of releasing Visual Studio 2017 and we’re focused on addressing these issues for Visual Studio 2019,” wrote Visual Studio Engineering team in a blog post.

Another reason for updating the VS icon is to make it visually appealing wherever it appears. In the new VS icon, Microsoft has removed the extra parts of the Visual Studio 2017 logo. The tech giant is focusing on the infinity loop of the logo, which is considered as the most recognizable element.

Microsoft is looking to implement a new start window to provide developers rapid access to the most common actions like cloning or checking out code, opening a project, creating a new project, etc.

“We know how important the list of recent projects and folders from the current IDE Start Page in Visual Studio 2017 is for you (more than 90 percent of you who use the Start Page also use the recent project lists), so we made sure to maintain its position as a focal point in the experience,” wrote the VS team.

There will be a new, streamlined, Git-first workflow that will allow developers to easily clone public Git repos. Further, the experience of creating a new project has also been reimagined with a new list of top templates and improved search and filter capabilities.

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Additionally, the notifications UI will also be updated. The full roadmap is available here.

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