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Microsoft pushes preview of Open Enclave integration with IoT Edge

Microsoft pushes preview of Open Enclave integration with IoT Edge

Microsoft has announced the availability of cross-platform version of its Open Enclave SDK, keeping an eye on the edge devices. The tech giant has released the preview of integration of Open Enclave and Azure IoT Edge security manager.

Intelligent edge is the technology that Microsoft is focusing on with its new offerings. When IoT devices generate data, it is sent for processing to a centralized cloud or datacenter source. But, by the time this data gets processed, the chance to act on it might no longer exist. To address this, edge computing comes to the rescue.

Microsoft’s Azure IoT Edge is a managed service that provides cloud intelligence by deploying Azure AI, Azure services, and custom logic directly on edge devices. It allows enterprises to bring AI and cloud analytics to edge in cases of poor internet connectivity, high latency, etc.

With the new services, Microsoft is looking to address the security problem of IoT devices, by protecting code and data while in use at the edge. The platform provided by Microsoft will allow development of applications that execute in enclaves. This will simplify the development of trusted applications (TA) for hardware security experts, as well as edge and cloud software app developers.

Open Enclave SDK is an open source consistent API surface across enclave technologies and platforms from cloud to edge. It allows developers to use the same APIs across multiple enclaves. This decreases the complexity in development and encourages enterprises to integrate applications with enclaves.

Azure IoT Edge app developers will be able to write trusted applications that root trust in secure silicon Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) on enclaving technologies like ARM TrustZone, Intel SGX, and embedded Secure Elements using Windows or Linux.

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“This broad applicability across different enclave technologies and integration with IoT Edge greatly simplifies the work developers must do to protect data and devices at the edge,” wrote Eustace Asanghanwa, Senior Program Manager, Azure IoT, in a blog post.

“With accessibility by all security expertise as topmost goal, this integration is laden with features to truly simplify and shorten the journey from idea to at-scale production deployment of secure intelligent edge applications.”

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