Microsoft becomes platinum member of OpenChain project

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Microsoft OpenChain project

Microsoft has joined the OpenChain project as a platinum member and a board member. The company will support the standardization in open source compliance to improve predictability and efficiency across supply chains.

The OpenChain project is dedicated to increase confidence around open source code by creating standards and training materials. This makes open source license compliance easier and more consistent. OpenChain is the only standard for open source compliance in supply chain.

Under the project, OpenChain delivers specification, overarching processes, policies and training to companies which help them manage open source license compliance.

“Trust is key to open source, and compliance with open source licenses is an important part of building that trust,” said David Rudin, Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft.

“By joining the OpenChain Project, we look forward to working alongside the community to define compliance standards that help build confidence in the open source ecosystem and supply chain.”

A Microsoft representative will become the Board member of OpenChain as part of platinum membership.

Other than Microsoft, the platinum members of OpenChain project include Adobe, ARM Holdings, Cisco, Comcast, Facebook, GitHub, Google, Harman International, Hitachi, Qualcomm, Siemens, Sony, Toshiba, Toyota, Uber and Western Digital.

Last month, big companies like Uber, Google and Facebook also joined the OpenChain project.

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“We’re thrilled that Microsoft has joined the project and welcome their expertise,” said Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager.

“Microsoft is a strong addition not only in terms of open source but also in standardization. Their membership provides great balance to our community of enterprise, cloud, automotive and silicon companies, allowing us to ensure the standard is suitable for any size company across any industry.”

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