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Microsoft Office adopts blockchain technology through new add-in

Microsoft Office adopts blockchain technology through new add-in

Microsoft has announced the development of a new add-in for its Office suite. The new add-in – Stampery, is a blockchain-based bit of software that is used for document verification and certifications. Blockchain technology has found an important place in nearly all sorts of technological applications, and now has moved to a yet another software platform – Microsoft Office.

The add-in will help install timestamping protocols in Office software suites. With an objective to expand its customer base, Stampery has also added Microsoft Office in its client’s list.

Stampery, like other blockchain-based software technologies, focuses on making protocols and procedures much transparent and easy to attribute. The Stampery architecture comes in the form of a Public API. Users can integrate their own applications and software with its API to timestamp documents.

Using cryptographic proofing will help users protect the security and verifiability of their documents. To achieve this, Stampery combines Bitcoin and Ethereum elements which provide it with the required processing time and security.

In terms of Office suite, this feature will add more efficiency to its working. Earlier organizations, spent huge amounts on outside authorities, storage and certification firms to manage Office records, risking the privacy of the documents. Now, they can use blockchain technology to create hashes of the document and add them to the blockchain. On any modification, the hash becomes invalidated, thus allowing for the verification of uncorrupted materials. Here, Stampery will be a great help by assisting in creating hashes and storing them in blockchains for both Ethereum and Bitcoin.

For Office users, the development seems to have more possibilities. Analysts predict that the Stampery API will be improved further and can include secure hash storage instead of a separate in-memory place for verification. With this, cryptographic and blockchain technologies will find more place in the technological world. Earlier also, at financial and technology level, existing industries adapted to the tools that were offered by one-time niche areas like digital currency.

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