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Microsoft move to trademark Direct Reality hints towards it E3 surprise

Microsoft move to trademark Direct Reality hints towards it E3 surprise

Just a few days before its presentation at E3 2017 – the biggest gaming show, Microsoft has applied for a trademark for something known as “Direct Reality.”

Every year, the E3 community gathers up at Los Angeles to discuss and reveal the speculated gaming sensations in the coming years. This year too, the event will see a gathering of around 15,000 public members.

The big industry players like Sony, Ubisoft, Microsoft and others will make new announcements related to the gaming consoles and innovations.

There’s a lot of buzz around Microsoft’s announcement this year. Last year, the company announced two hardware innovations – Xbox One S and the much talked about Project Scorpio.

Its recent move to apply for a trademark patent for Direct Reality might point towards company’s this year announcement at E3.

DR according to Microsoft, is an online computer software for any holographic application.

Holographic application is specifically related to gaming software and can also apply to anything connected with augmented reality. According to the industry speculations, the trademark might be related with company’s HoloLens technology.

The trademark protection was filed for on June 2nd, and will cover topics like “Computer Game software”, “Online computer game software” and “Computer Software for holographic applications,” according to GameSpot.

Microsoft will have its session at E3 on Sunday, June 11 at 2pm PT/ 5pm ET/ 10pm BST.

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