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Microsoft Launches New Dot Future Podcast

Microsoft Launches New Dot Future Podcast

Microsoft has always provided organizations with the latest set of technology products and services. This time, the technology giant has come up with something entirely different. Microsoft Story Labs and Gimlet Creative have launched a new podcast known as the .future (dot future).

The recent times have seen a high growth potential of podcast – digital audio files and more and more companies are seeking ways to utilize it for the promotion of their products. Microsoft is the latest to adopt this medium.

Microsoft’s dot future podcast will talk about various technologies across multiple sectors from Cloud, gaming to health. The basic objective behind starting this audio series is to help change people’s perception about the new technologies being difficult and that the future depends upon the choices that people make, on an individual and on a society’s level.

Microsoft’s head of influencer relations – Doug Dawson said that the podcast will allow the company to have some in-depth conversations about the latest technology trends with both internal and external audiences.

The podcast has been designed with the help of Gimlet Creative which is a part of Gimlet Media – brain behind big podcasts like StartUp and Reply All.

Gimlet Creative deputy creative director Frances Harlow said that they worked closely with Microsoft to bring out a tool that can bring about some positive changes in the way people see technology. The podcast will act as a medium through which Microsoft can connect with people on a more human level.

The podcast hosted by Cristina Quinn – science and technology reporter will premiere on 28th June 2017.

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