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Microsoft Launcher 5.1 starts rolling out with new features

Microsoft Launcher 5.1 starts rolling out with new features

Last month, Microsoft had announced the beta version of Microsoft Launcher 5.1, that brought several new features, improved user experiences and bug fixes over the prior version.

Following its beta, the latest version of Microsoft Launcher has now started rolling out. It is an Android app which is now available for download on Google Play Store.

The update brings a number of new features including integration of Notes card with Sticky Notes, and integration of Tasks card with Microsoft To-Do. Users will be able to pin these cards to home screen or choose to view them in Feed. Further, the Wunderlist card will be available for Wunderlist customers.

There will be a new screen time card and widget, which can be used to track Screen Time, app usage, and phone unlocks.

Microsoft Launcher 5.1 will also support the digital assistant Cortana. The Cortana support will come with an updated card that allows commute/traffic and multi-commitments. The company is making the Cortana support available in ES-ES market, and ‘Hey Cortana’ activation in EN-US.

Additionally, the Microsoft Launcher 5.1 will include a Launcher Search bar that will allow customers to use Bing mini-answers for stocks and currency.

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Microsoft Launcher was formerly available as Arrow Launcher on Play Store. The tech giant changed the name last year and is improving the experience to make it the preferred choice for Android users. The application currently has over 10 million installs on Android devices.

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