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Microsoft expands its intellectual property program to include Azure IoT ecosystem and startups

Azure IP Advantage

Microsoft is adding more value to its Azure IP Advantage program by including new benefits for Azure IoT innovators and startups.

Announced in February 2017, Azure IP Advantage is a program that provides comprehensive protection against intellectual property (IP) risks.

In the era of digital transformation, every business is moving to the cloud. However, delivering software products and services in the cloud brings several business risks, like the possibility of IP infringement. Microsoft helps businesses avoid the risks using its Azure IP Advantage.

Now, the tech giant is expanding the program with a number of new IP benefits for Azure IoT innovators and startups.

First, Microsoft is bringing uncapped indemnification coverage to Azure Sphere and Windows IoT. This will protect the customers from IP infringement claims asserted against them for the use of product or service.

Second, customers who use Azure to power their own IoT software can now select from 10,000 Microsoft patents. This will help in defending themselves against IP lawsuits.

Third, startups on Azure will be allowed to acquire Microsoft patents. Further, qualified startups will also be able to join the License on Transfer (LOT) Network in technical areas including AI, multimedia and security.

Microsoft has donated 500 patents to the LOT Network. Qualified startups will gain access to these patents as part of their free membership.

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“Many startups have told us about the particular vulnerabilities they face as small companies and the importance they place on growing their own early-stage IP portfolios as they look to raise capital and build for the future.  Our partners at the LOT Network have established a program that addresses these needs,” wrote Erich Andersen – Corporate VP and Chief IP Counsel of Microsoft’s IP Group, in a blog post.

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