Megaport and NTT collaborate to provide customers direct private connections to multi-cloud solutions

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Megaport Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Megaport Limited, along with NTT Singapore announced the launch of NexConnect Cloud Service – to provide Singapore-based enterprises on-demand and flexible connections to multi-cloud solutions.

The NexConnect Cloud Service will leverage the global Software Defined Network (SDN) of Megaport to provide customers direct private connections to various Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) from Serangoon datacenter of NTT in Singapore.

Megaport is the leading provider of elastic interconnection services, that allow customers to easily connect their network to other services across Megaport’s network.

NTT Communications owns the largest-scale datacenter and network coverage in APAC region. It’s Serangoon’s datacenter is the connectivity hub for various multinationals and financial services industry.
Both the companies, by combining forces, are eyeing the vast cloud opportunity in the region.

Joshua Munro, Executive VP, Megaport, APAC, said, “Singapore is an incredibly important location for cloud in Southeast Asia, and we’ve experienced increased demand for flexible, multicloud solutions in the region.”

He added further, “According to a recent Forrester study, many businesses in Singapore are embracing cloud, leading to the need for a solution that enables swift implementation, security, cost efficiency, and flexibility. NTT Singapore is an ideal partner for us to extend our footprint as they have the largest-scale data centre and network coverage in APAC.”

NTT’s datacenter which uses Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE) for providing interconnections between key metros, has the capacity to drive local and international business growth.

Joshua added, “With NTT Singapore’s unique, high performance infrastructure integrated with the Megaport SDN, the NexConnect Cloud Service will enable significant optionality for Singapore enterprises and the rest of Asia Pacific as they architect their IT strategies.”

NTT’s Enterprise Products Division’s Executive VP, Steven Neo, drawing inferences from an IDC perspective report, said that the role of alternative connection providers like Megaport is crucial when it comes to realizing the transformative potential of cloud.

He considered Megaport’s partnership strategic to meet customer connectivity demands in the region.

He said, “Customers of our Serangoon data centre now have access to Megaport’s robust Ecosystem of service providers, including flexible, direct connections to the top five global CSPs, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud.”

A few days back, Megaport had introduced Tim Hoffman as the CTO with effect from 1st Oct, 2017. With this partnership, the company is all set to serve its customers with better connectivity and make use of the cloud opportunity at Singapore.

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