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Mary Meeker’s Internet Trend Report 2017 highlights major e-commerce, cloud and mobile trends

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trend Report 2017 highlights major e-commerce, cloud and mobile trends

Ace internet analyst and partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers – Mary Meeker, came up with her Internet Trend Report 2017 at the Code Conference, California. The report highlighted the major trends revolving around mobile usage growth, e-commerce, online advertising, gaming, healthcare and steadily growing Indian and Chinese markets.

Some of the major highlights of the 355-slide presentation include:

  • Cloud – harbinger of change across enterprises

The report identified cloud as the major force driving change across enterprises. The increasing adoption rate is creating new opportunity pools for service providers. However, the report also identifies some cloud adoption concerns like data security issues, vendor-lock in and compliance. In Public cloud adoption race, AWS was identified as the leader while a strong growth was seen in Azure and Google Cloud platform.

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  • Online Advertising – Mobile driven Ad growth

Online advertising growth saw a major role of mobile usage. Mobile advertising spent was higher than the desktop advertising spent. Overall, the growth in advertising increased from 20 percent to 22 percent, YOY. The report also highlighted the importance of right placement of ads to avoid ad blocking by the users who are not interested in the ad. Facebook (Delivery Insights), Google (AdWords) and Snap (Snap Ads) were identified as the leading online Ad platforms.

  • Social Media – Increasing customer interactions

The report identified social media as a growing platform for rendering customer support, transparency and product quality. Customers trust the reviews posted on social media and raise product related queries and dissatisfaction. It can be effectively used for real-time online customer conversations.

  • Rapidly growing Indian market

Indian economy is seeing a huge GDP growth with more than 7% YOY growth, holding 7th positon in Global GDP Ranking. The internet market in India depicts fast growth with more than 28% growth in Internet users in June 2016, with 40% YOY growth. It stands at number one position in term of Android phone users. It is also witnessing market share war between key eCommerce players like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, ShopClues, etc.

  • Voice Recognition Accuracy – Continues to grow

Voice based search can replace the typing soon, per the report. 70% of the requests are found to be natural and in conversational language. Increasing trend towards artificial intelligence and machine learning will further increase the voice recognition accuracy.

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