MariaDB open sources MariaDB TX 3.0 compatible with Oracle database

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MariaDB, the open source database solutions provider, released MariaDB TX 3.0, that is compatible with Oracle database.

The MariaDB TX 3.0 will support multiple workloads simultaneously using the individual storage engines. It will allow database admins to run transactions, analytics, write-scale and extreme-scale workloads at a single time.

Previously, MariaDB supported InnDB and ColumnDB for transactional and analytical queries, respectively. The new version includes support for MyRocks and Spider storage engines.

MyRocks storage engine is a write- and space-optimized storage for solid-state drives (SSDs). It can be used for write-intensive workloads like internet of things, e-commerce clickstream and purchase applications that need continuous stream of writes with no impact on performance.

On the other hand, the Spider is distributed storage engine for read, write and storage scaling.

TX 3.0 also includes temporal data processing for maintaining a record of changes that happen to data over time. According to MariaDB, this feature will remove the need of manually creating columns, tables and triggers to maintain row history. Customers will be able to construct a standard SQL query, and build other temporal features in applications.

“DBAs value innovation in database technologies not only for the new capabilities but also because it gives them more options in vendors and platforms from which they can choose,” said James Curtis, Senior Analyst, 451 Research. “MariaDB’s decision to support multiple purpose-built storage engines positions the company well to provide users the ability to match their workloads to a storage engine, giving DBAs fine-grained choice and flexibility.”

Further, MariaDB claimed that the version 3.0 is the first enterprise open source database that supports Oracle-compatible sequences and a storage procedure language compliant with Oracle SQL/PL. It will enable Oracle database users to reuse existing code and established skill sets when they migrate applications.

“MariaDB TX 3.0 adds the ability to anonymize data through complete data obfuscation or pseudo-anonymize data through full or partial data masking. It’s advanced data protection and security that’s never separated as a costly add-on,” said MariaDB.

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MariaDB TX 3.0 is generally available now.

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