Many organizations unprepared for DNS attacks, reveals new global survey

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According to the recently released results of a global survey by Infoblox Inc., most of the companies are still not well-prepared against DNS attacks. The survey found that the companies have inadequate defenses against DNS attacks and DNS security is often ignored during charting an organizational cybersecurity strategy.

The study was conducted by Dimensional Research, and they surveyed over 1000 security and IT professionals across the world, and found that 86% of DNS solutions failed to pre-alert teams of an occurring DNS attack, and approximately one-third of the companies were not sure whether they can defend against the DNS attack in future.

Infoblox had last year reported that there was an increase of 71% in DDoS attacks from 2015 to 2016, which had knocked many leading companies including Amazon, Twitter, New York Times, and more. But still only 11% of the companies have dedicated security teams for DNS management, which shows that DNS is not a high priority for most of the companies.

“Our research reveals a gap in the market – while we found that DNS security is one of IT and security professionals’ top three concerns, the vast majority of companies are ill-equipped to defend against DNS attacks,” said David Gehringer, principal at Dimensional Research. “This is exacerbated by the fact that companies are extremely reactionary when it comes to DNS security, only prioritizing DNS defense once they have been attacked. Unless today’s organizations begin moving to a proactive approach, DDoS attacks such as the one on DNS provider Dyn will become more pervasive.”

The other important findings of this survey are:

• 3 out of 10 companies had already faced DNS attacks, and it had resulted in downtime in most cases, nearly 93%.

• 71% of the companies already had real-time monitoring for DNS attacks, even then, 86% of their solutions had failed to notify their teams about an occurring DNS attack.

• Only 37% of the companies could defend all DNS attacks, while 63% of them were apparently not capable to defend the next DNS attack.

• 74% of the companies had anti-virus monitoring as their top priority until they faced a DNS attack. Following an attack, the DNS security became the top priority for 70% of them.

• As for the financial losses by DNS attacks, 24% of the companies lost over $100,000 from their last attack, while 54% of them lost $50,000 or more.

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The number of DNS attacks is increasing each year. Reducing or completely eliminating the network outage threat can make a huge difference between the success and failure of a business, and the most important element to keep a network up and running is by securing the Domain Name System.

So, the companies need to give DNS security the attention it deserves, since DNS is going to remain one of the most vulnerable internet systems.

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