Managed Microsoft Windows now available on Hivelocity bare-metal servers

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Managed Microsoft Windows

Hivelocity, a world leader in IaaS and bare-metal edge computing, today announced a new managed services offering available with any of its Windows bare-metal solutions.  Building upon the successful Linux managed services offering, Hivelocity is now able to cover security and management services on nearly 100% of the servers it deploys.

“Microsoft Windows Server operating system gets loaded on about 40% of the servers we put online, with Linux making up the rest.  We are a very customer-centric company, so being able to offer our full arsenal of resources to all our customers is very important to us.  About one out of every four Linux customers enjoys our management services and we anticipate that same ratio, if not more, from our Windows customers.  Never has a server’s security been more critical,” said Hivelocity CTO, Ben Linton.

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Customers of Hivelocity who choose to add proactive Managed Windows Services to their servers will be provided with behind the scenes security administration, automated patch management, anti-virus protection, system health monitoring and more.  The Hivelocity Support Team works on-site inside Hivelocity’s data centers 24/7/365 allowing them to monitor all managed servers around the clock.

“Our goal is always to make our customers’ lives easier and help their online operation succeed.  We want to take whatever tasks we can off their plate so they can focus on their company.  Let us handle the health of the server and you handle the health of your operation”, added Linton.

Hivelocity, founded in 2002, provides instantly deployed bare-metal at the edge from its data centers in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Seattle and Tampa to businesses from over 130 countries.  Hivelocity’s automated bare-metal edge compute platform coupled with its leading world-class support has fueled its exceptional growth.

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