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Lumen enables additional 100G MPLS and IP network connectivity in Europe

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Lumen Technologies will be expanding its edge computing services into Europe. The expansion is a part of continued investment by Lumen in next-generation solutions that transform digital experiences and satisfy the demands of today’s global businesses.

“Edge computing is a game-changer. It will drive the next wave of business innovation and growth across virtually all industries,” said Annette Murphy, regional president, EMEA and APAC, Lumen Technologies. “Customers in Europe can now tap into the power of the Lumen platform, underpinned by Lumen’s extensive fiber footprint, to deploy data-heavy applications and workloads that demand ultra-low latency at the cloud edge. This delivers peak performance and reliability, as well as more capability to drive amazing digital experiences. Customers can focus efforts on developing applications and bringing them to market, rather than on time-consuming infrastructure deployment.”

Today, Lumen Edge Computing Solutions cater to almost 70% of enterprise demand within 5 milliseconds of latency in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. More locations are planned by end of the year. Lumen Edge Computing Solutions is the integration of the company’s expansive global fiber network, on-demand networking, integrated security, and managed services, with edge facilities and compute and storage services. This promotes the quick and efficient deployment of applications and workloads at the edge, closer to the point of consumption. Customers can purchase Lumen Edge Computing Solutions online and get access to high-powered computing infrastructure within an hour on the Lumen platform.

Lumen has enabled an additional 100G MPLS and IP network connectivity as part of its Edge Computing Solutions deployment in Europe, and increased power and cooling as well at key edge data center locations.

Lumen offers edge infrastructure and services solutions supporting enterprise innovation and applications of the 4th Industrial Revolution. These include:

  • Lumen Edge Bare Metal provides a dedicated, pay-as-you-go server hardware that is hosted in distributed locations and connected to the Lumen global fiber network. It provides enhanced security and connectivity with dedicated, single tenancy servers for isolating and protecting data and delivering high-performance.
  • Lumen Network Storage allows customers to make use of secure, scalable, and fast storage when and where they need it. This enables enterprises and public sector organizations to absorb and update data at the edge using the file storage protocol that meets their needs.
  • Lumen Edge Private Cloud offers a pre-built infrastructure for high-performance private cloud computing which is connected to the Lumen global fiber network. Completely managed by Lumen, it helps businesses go-to-market quickly with the required capacity for interaction-intensive applications.
  • Lumen Edge Gateway is a scalable Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) platform for the premises that offers a compute platform for delivering virtualized wide area networking (WAN), security, and IT applications from different vendors on the premises edge.

Lumen manages and operates one of the largest, most connected, most deeply peered networks that comprise nearly 500,000 (805,000 km) global route miles of fiber and over 190,000 on-net buildings, that are seamlessly connected to 2,200 public and private third-party data centers and leading public cloud service providers. It has a network of approximately 42,000 (67,000 km) route miles of fiber in EMEA that connects to over 2,500 on-net buildings and 540 public and private third-party data centers.

The growing demand for edge data centers

A recent study by Uptime Institute reveals that the number of surveyed owners/operators using 20 or more edge data centers today will double from 9% respondents today to 20% in two to three years. As businesses continue to grow and expand, their need for data storage and processing increases as well. To meet this demand, many are turning to edge data centers. The demand for private and shared edge data centers has started growing and within the next few years, there will be a massive surge in the demand for edge data centers.

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