Liquid Web’s all-new self-managed hosting solution ‘Cloud Metal’ unveiled

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Liquid Web, a leading provider of cloud hosting for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced the launch of Cloud Metal hosting, providing users with a self-managed, cost-saving solution that can flexibly meet the needs of their business.

Cloud Metal offers enterprise-level infrastructure curated for specific hosting needs. This self-managed solution, ideal for those who can manage and deploy their own software, helps reduce costs and supports the capacity of the business to address evolving needs, promoting agility and empowering developers.

For those exploring infrastructure options, Cloud Metal offers a one-click start, with servers up within minutes. Those wanting to manage servers their way can do so through their preferred management interface — portal or API.

“Our new Cloud Metal product leverages over 25 years of industry experience,” says Ryan MacDonald, Vice President of Engineering at Liquid Web. “Now is the time for Liquid Web to expand our products into the self-managed space. As a developer-minded person myself, I’m thrilled that these products offer extensive developer-focused options and features.”

Some of the features that make Liquid Web’s Cloud Metal offering superior include:

  • Cost savings via customization.
  • Fast provisioning times.
  • A robust, well-documented, and developer-friendly API.
  • Server resizing within minutes, eliminating the need for manual migrations.
  • Self-management portal and tools empowering users to perform routine server tasks.
  • Add-on services such as cPanel/Plesk licenses, management levels, and cloud backups.

“Our Cloud Metal solution enhances Liquid Web’s commitment to the customer experience,” says Brian Oates, Technical Product Manager at Liquid Web. “Fully managed solutions aren’t for everyone. Customers that want to self-host can now rely on Liquid Web’s long-standing and extensive experience to provide performant solutions that strengthen their business.”

“Customers are using this service to host their next site, deploy backend applications, facilitate development workflows, and everything in between,” adds Oates.

With over 25 years of industry-leading experience, Liquid Web continues to innovate with the customer in mind, ensuring high performance, painless scaling, compliance adherence, and an excellent user experience. With features like free migrations for managed solutions, integrated backups, and easy resizing, Liquid Web provides an unrivaled hosting experience for businesses of all sizes. Learn more about Cloud Metal today.

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