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Liquid Technologies Pronounce The Official Launch of Liquid Data Mapper

Liquid Technologies Pronounce The Official Launch of Liquid Data Mapper

[DAILYHOSTNEWS], April 24, 2012, Liquid Technologies are thrilled to declare the official launch of Liquid Data Mapper, part of the Liquid XML Studio suite making it an absolutely all in one xml toolkit.

The release was actually delayed several times for extended beta examinion following considerable interest in the beta program which produced positive suggestions which the company explained it was keen to pursue.

“Following substantial feedback from our eager beta testers, we wanted to ensure that we were acting upon the best suggestions to reward our beta testers and to cement our position as one of the best xml tools available.”

Liquid Technologies refer to the Liquid Data Mapper as being a highly effective data mapping and xml mapping tool enables you to graphically map xml data fields from source to destination, with total command through a manual transform. The Liquid Data Mapper is part of the Liquid XML Studio suite which makes it a truly multi function xml tool set.

A few selected features feature, easily set source and destination targets, intuitively switch between design and source view, generate filter rules, compose logical expressions and output your generated code in a number of formats from xlst to xquery.

You can also designate an xml instance file to create an xml mapping component or work with any xml schema or namespace aware DTDs to transform your xml data from one structure to any other xml format.

The Liquid Data Mapper is recommended for large and small companies because of its sheer versatility and is perfect for anybody who needs to deal with huge amounts of xml. The option to work in both design or code view helps it be great for both technical and non technical users.


Liquid XML Studio is an XML toolkit and IDE, including the whole set of tools needed for creating and producing XML software, which includes an XML Editor, XML Schema Editor, WSDL Editor, Web Service Tools etc.


Liquid Technologies Ltd, provides world-leading productivity tools for XML software programmers conforming to the W3C standards. Their main product, Liquid XML Studio 2011, is an highly developed XML Development Environment and XML toolkit including an XML Editor, that contains all the tools required for designing and developing XML schema and XML applications.

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