Liquid Technologies Launch New-Look Website

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Liquid Technologies Ltd, an independent software supplier established in the UK, have reported the official release of their new look website.

Subsequent to intensive deliberation, consumer suggestions in addition to a substantial redesign period, Liquid Technologies have launched their new website, which it is expected will make it a great deal simpler for customers to fully understand the company’s software choices and also be able to quickly figure out the right product for their particular needs.

The redesign follows a commercial conclusion by Liquid Technologies to split the XML Data Binder from the Liquid XML Studio suite, as a stand alone product in its own right.

Hence the brand new website now makes it much quicker to fully understand the companies two major products, Liquid XML Studio and XML Data Binder and to download them all right from the home-page.

Liquid XML Studio has been referred to as an XML tool set and IDE, incorporating all the tools essential for designing and developing XML programs, including an XML Editor, XML Schema Editor, WSDL Editor, Web Service Tools etc.

The latest 2012 edition features several new capabilities and enhancements as well as general performance and stability enhancements.

Some of these latest features include a new xml datamapper, Silverlight 5 code generation and Liquid runtime, improved WSDL 2.0 validation, an improved Large File Editor, Liquid Runtime support for Linux gcc 4.3.3 32bit C – and a lot of additional extra features and additionally innovations.

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Liquid Technologies refer to their Liquid Data Mapper to be a powerful graphical xml mapping tool that enables consumers to map data in xml files by hooking up data in one set of fields, to fields in another data set, with total control by having a manual transform.

At this time the Liquid Data Mapper is available in the designer and developer editions.

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Liquid XML Data Binder has recently been characterized as an advanced XML toolkit and code generator that definitely will save you many hours of repetitive coding by allowing you to treat your XML documents as an object model inside your C , C#, Java, Silverlight or Visual Basic source code. The simple to use Wizard driven interface in addition generates HTML documentation for your custom API along with a Sample Application.

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Liquid have come very far since 2000 after they first unveiled the worlds market leading XML data binding solution for developing a range of code from XML schema.

Managing Director Andrew Farrell, stated, “At the start, we saw a niche market for data binding, but as we continued to speak and engage with our users, our product evolved over a decade into one of the world leading xml toolkits, which continues to be used by some of the world’s largest companies”.

Liquid Technologies have provided their software to a host of incredibly large clients across several industries. In the past, glowing recommendations have come from global corporations such as HSBC, Microsoft, Nokia, HP, Cisco and Walmart.

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