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Liquid Technologies Launch Liquid XML Studio 2012

[DAILYHOSTNEWS], April 17, 2012, Liquid Technologies Ltd, an independent software company located in the UK, have announced a new as well as updated 2012 edition of their well known Liquid XML Studio software.

Liquid XML Studio has been known as an XML toolkit and IDE, that contains the tools required for creating and developing XML applications, consisting of an XML Editor, XML Schema Editor, WSDL Editor, Web Service Tools and so on.

The newest 2012 edition incorporates a great many extra features and improvements in addition general functionality and stability improvements. Liquid XML Studio 2012 expands and strengthens on the current capability by adding various other completely new tools and technologies which users have requested in an effort to continue to make Liquid XML Studio the best value XML development environment available, turning it into a truly multi function xml toolkit

Examples of these extra features include a new xml datamapper, Silverlight 5 code generation and Liquid runtime, improved WSDL 2.0 validation, an improved Large File Editor, Liquid Runtime support for Linux gcc 4.3.3 32bit C – and lots of other additional features not to mention innovations.

Liquid Technologies summarize their Liquid Data Mapper to be a ultra powerful graphical xml mapping tool which allows consumers to map data in xml files by joining data in one set of fields, to fields in another data set, with complete control through the manual transform.

The Liquid Data Mapper is usually recommended for big and also modest organisations due to its sheer flexibility and it is ideal for anyone who will have to work with considerable amounts of xml. The opportunity to operate in design or code view makes it ideal for both technical and non technical users.

At the moment the Liquid Data Mapper is available in the designer and developer versions.

Liquid have come very far since 2000 after they first brought out the worlds industry leading XML data binding solution for developing a range of code from XML schema.

“At the start, we saw a niche market for data binding, but as we continued to speak and engage with our users, our product evolved over a decade into one of the world leading xml toolkits, which continues to be used by some of the world’s largest companies”.

Liquid Technologies have supplied their software to a number of incredibly large clientele throughout many industries. In the past, glowing endorsements have come from global corporations such as HSBC, Microsoft, Nokia, HP, Cisco and Walmart.

Managing Director Andrew Farrell says: “We really feel that XML Studio 2012 is far superior to anything else that’s out there in the XML editor market. We would like to encourage people to download our free 30 day trial to see just how good it is for themselves”.

XML Studio 2012 was officially brought out on 26th April 2012. For more details visit


Liquid Technologies Ltd, offers world-leading productivity tools for XML software programmers conforming to the W3C standards. Their flagship product, Liquid XML Studio 2011, is an cutting-edge XML Development Environment and XML toolkit including an XML Editor, that contains all the tools needed for designing and developing XML schema and XML applications.

For more details visit

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