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Linux Foundation unveils ELISA for development of Linux-based safety-critical systems

ELISA project

The Linux Foundation has launched a new open source project to make it easier for enterprises to build safety-critical systems based on Linux.

Called ELISA (Enabling Linux in Safety Applications), the new project has been founded by Arm, BMW Car IT GmbH, KUKA, and Linutronix, and Toyota.

ELISA project will contribute in developing a shared set of tools and processes which will be used in building safety-critical systems and applications like robotic devices, medical devices, smart factories, transportation systems, and autonomous driving.

Humans are not completely confident about using the systems whose failure could cause loss of life, and damage property or environment. They are not sure how these systems respond to user errors, hardware failures, and changes in environment.

To be fully-trusted for humans, such systems should meet certain functional safety objectives. The enterprises need to demonstrate their systems and applications to show that they are reliable, and meet demand for quality assurance, risk management, development process, and documentation.

“All major industries, including energy, medical and automotive, want to use Linux for safety-critical applications because it can enable them to bring products to market faster and reduce the risk of critical design errors. The challenge has been the lack of the clear documentation and tools needed to demonstrate that a Linux-based system meets the necessary safety requirements for certification,” said Kate Stewart, Senior Director of Strategic Programs at The Linux Foundation.

“Past attempts at solving this have lacked the critical mass needed to establish a widely discussed and accepted methodology, but with the formation of ELISA, we will be able to leverage the infrastructure and support of the broader Linux Foundation community that is needed to make this initiative successful.”

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Certification authorities and standardization bodies will contribute to ELISA project create the way Linux can be used in safety-critical systems.


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