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LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Rises to a New High with Enterprise Ready Version

Microsoft announced new updated version of Sales Navigator. Its new enterprise-ready version with new features, is out to give a tough competition to rival Salesforce.

Doug Camplejohn, Sales Solution head, LinkedIn, said in a blog, “Today’s announcements take Sales Navigator to the next level.”

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $ 26.2 billion which is its largest acquisition till date. In less than a year, Microsoft has introduced the new Sales Navigator Enterprise Edition with many features, aimed at making LinkedIn a must-have for big sales team around the world.

Apart from it many features, the new version of the product increases the number of LinkedIn messages that can be sent to 50 per month. Large companies, thus will be able to manage the product with single sign-on facilities.

The sales team can now connect with LinkedIn connections of anyone in their organization with the help of the new feature called TeamLink Extend. The Sales Navigator tool integrates with not only Dynamics CRM but Salesforce’s CRM system as well.

The subscribers will get access to PointDrive as well for easy sharing of presentations, links, images, videos and other content with the potential clients. For now, the product will be available starting from $1,600 per seat per year and prices will fall with increasing number of subscriptions.

In company’s recent quarterly earnings conference call, Satya Nadella said that the subscriptions for Sales Navigator increased 20 percent over the prior year with many customers like SAP, The Sacramento Kings, Ernst & Young, Symantec and PayPal.

Microsoft is looking forward to strengthen its Silicon Valley ties and Artificial Intelligence and Reid Hoffman joining Microsoft’s board is a clear indication of this.

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