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Top 6 languages for Enterprise App Development in 2018: Cloud Foundry survey

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languages for Enterprise App Development

The transition of companies from legacy software to more agile and flexible technologies has made it easier for developers to pick the right tool for right job. The use of cloud native practices allows developers within large enterprises to choose the language of their preference or the language that best supports their functional needs.

More and more organizations nowadays employ multi-cloud strategy for meeting the exact demands of business, and shift from monolithic approach to a flexible, portable and interoperable world of computing. In a survey of 600 IT decision makers, Cloud Foundry found that companies are preferring multiple cloud-native technologies to digitally transform their business.

When it comes to development, the organizations have also started adoption of multi-lingual approach to improve the velocity of business. The multi-lingual approach breaks the siloes for organizations to hire a developer with expertise in any specific language. A development team comprising of multi-lingual developers can program in several languages, widening the pool of available talent for businesses.

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Cloud Foundry Foundation recently tracked the languages used the most by enterprise developers globally. According to the report, there is consistency among which languages are the most popular across enterprise developer landscape, but certain languages are particularly dominant among specific audiences on the basis of company size, region, etc.

  • Top programming languages used by application developers

Java and JavaScript are the most popular languages in the enterprise developer landscape, used by 58% and 57% of developers, respectively.

C++ stands at the third position, used by 46% enterprise developers, whereas C# has replaced Python on the fourth position. Both C# and Python have seen decline in usage over the last few months. The growth of PHP has remained flat at 22%, ranking sixth in the list of top enterprise development languages.

The IT decision makers reported use of around 25 programming languages, but more than half of those languages are used irregularly enough to receive only a single digit percentage.

languages for Enterprise App DevelopmentA thing worth noting is that all the languages used for enterprise app development have seen some decline in usage over the last nine months, except small increases for Java, JavaScript and C++.

  • Use of programming languages by company size

As per the report, the larger the company, the more languages used. The very large enterprises use multiple languages, hence Cloud Foundry found above average usage of Python and C# among very large enterprises as compared to the rest of respondents.

As mentioned earlier, the multi-lingual approach is driven by shift toward the cloud-native practices.

  • Popular languages for Enterprise App Development by region

Two-thirds of the respondents in North America reported use of JavaScript, while 58% reported Java.

In Asia, 58% of respondents were using Java, followed by C++ (52%).

Whereas, Europe was found very consistent with the overall trends, having no particular differentiation as a region.

In Germany, the app developers use C++ lesser than Java and JavaScript.

  • Usage of programming languages by cloud

The users of multi-cloud reported use of more developer languages, with majority of them using Java and JavaScript. Around 50% of them were using C++.

Users on a single cloud prefer use of Java (57%) and JavaScript (47%). No other language made it to the list of majorities.

On the other hand, the private cloud users were found very consistent with the overall trends, with an even slightly greater separation between Java and JavaScript from other languages.

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Wrapping up:

Cloud Foundry conducted two rounds of surveys in 2017 and 2018 and found that the same six languages remained at the top of the heap, with Java and JavaScript far ahead of the pack. It shows that these two languages are the preferred choices for companies developing cloud-native applications and among the developer community.

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Click here for full report from Cloud Foundry.

Images source: Cloud Foundry report


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