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KTX.Finance Raises $4 Million to Democratize Perpetuals Trading

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SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In the midst of the bear market, KTX.Finance, a decentralized perpetuals exchange on BNB Chain, announces a $4 million USD seed round financing led by Hashed. Other participants in the round include: AlphaLab Capital, CRIT Ventures, 100&100 Ventures, Trinito Corporation / Morpheus, GSG Asset, KuCoin Ventures and Sky9 Capital.

Decentralised trading has grown increasingly popular since the collapse of their centralised counterparts. This was accelerated by the advent of multi-asset shared pool liquidity, which deepens trading liquidity for on-chain leveraged positions and brings capital efficiency for liquidity providers. KTX.Finance demonstrates these concepts as a fresh protocol on BNB Chain, executed by a seasoned team with >40 years of combined developer experience and operationally bootstrapped by ByteTrade Lab.”

Edward Tan, Investments & Research at Hashed

Hatched in the aftermath of FTX’s collapse in 2022, KTX.Finance went live in June 2023 on BNB Chain with the aim of bringing perpetuals trading to the masses. While several DEXs have emerged to address CEX risk, KTX.Finance’s competitive edge has been to maintain superior UIUX and speed, as well as lower fees. KTX.Finance is seeing early results, achieving $40 million USD in trading volume from more than 600 traders.

Instead of trading against a market-maker, traders trade against the KLP pool, a multi-asset liquidity pool consisting of 50% stablecoins and 50% blue-chip crypto assets (such as BTC, ETH, BNB). By adopting such a model, traders can trade with full custody of their assets while enjoying the benefits of leverage, good user experience, and low fees.

Additionally, liquidity providers on KTX.Finance can deposit any blue-chip asset into the KLP pool and receive up to 70% of the trading fees generated by the protocol.

KTX.Finance is operated by Alphamesh and incubated by ByteTrade Lab, a Web 3.0 infrastructure and venture builder based in Singapore.

“Blockchains, as open and transparent ledgers, excel in decentralizing the asset layer of the Internet. As part of this movement, KTX.Finance is leading the way in democratizing the perpetuals market. ByteTrade Lab has a shared vision with KTX.Finance of more accessibility and user empowerment, and we have high confidence in the project’s ability to bring DeFi to more users globally.

– Dr. Lucas Lu, CEO of ByteTrade Lab

ByteTrade Lab, headquartered in Singapore, raised 50 million USD Series A financing in June 2022 from investors such as Susquehanna International Group (SIG) Asia Venture Capital Fund, INCE Capital, BAI Capital, Sky9 Capital, BlueRun, and PCG. They are committed to creating a decentralized Internet that gives individuals ownership and control over their financial and daily Internet data.

ByteTrade Lab is actively incubating Terminus OS and a network of decentralized Edge Nodes, also known as privately-owned personal servers. Through these Edge Nodes, users can self-host and run open protocols and software, enabling them to leverage extensive computational and storage capabilities. This empowers users with increased access and control over their Internet data, ultimately establishing a user-centric decentralized Internet network that aligns with the full value proposition of Web 3.0.

About KTX.Finance

KTX.Finance is an on-chain decentralized derivatives trading protocol that utilizes a unique multi-asset liquidity pool. Traders are able to take on 50x leverage on their trades while LPs enjoy high capital efficiency. Please visit and follow us on Twitter at @KTX_finance.

About ByteTrade Labs

ByteTrade Lab is giving data ownership back to users and democratizing the marketplace of online information. We are helping to build a new internet that is self-hosted, user-controlled, and truly private. Our novel peer-to-peer operating system, Terminus OS, is built to run on top of a network of decentralized personal servers protected by personal private keys. The result is a decentralized cloud owned by users, where anyone can access the information they choose. ByteTrade is backed by Susquehanna International Group (SIG)’s Asia VC Fund, and leading institutional investors including INCE Capital, BAI Capital, Sky9 Capital, BlueRun and PCG. Please visit and follow us on Twitter at @ByteTradeLab.