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Know About Python Programming Language with Benefits and Challenges for Beginners

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Designed by Guido van Rossum, Python is a high-level programming language that is widely used to develop desktop as well as web applications. Python can be used easily for all purposes but it is the first choice for projects which include data analysis, AI, and some complicated backend web development. It is an open-source programming language that is considered the most user-friendly and easiest language to learn.

However, If you are learning Python for the first time then you can face a few challenges and we are going to talk about these challenges in this article. But before that, let’s take a look at the benefits of learning python.

Benefits of learning Python

We are describing the top 4 benefits of learning Python programming language, these benefits will also clear all the doubts if you have about the scope of Python web development.

A Beginner-friendly Programming Language

As said above, Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Beginners get overwhelmed learning things that have a lot of technicalities and when making a small mistake can lead to a big problem. Nevertheless, Python is a language that has fewer complexities and was initially designed for “those with no programming background”.

Increased Flexibility Compared to Other Languages

People get worried when they hear about learning a backend-programming language, and their worries are not completely wrong, because there are a few really complicated backend programming languages in the programming world. Python on the other hand offers flexibility to the user/ developer/ learner as it is a dynamically-typed language. This frees users from taking some action and being involved in meeting many difficult rules to build new features. Additionally, it is one of the best programming languages to learn because many errors made by you can be taken care of by the system so your project can run even after errors.

A larger Community

One more fact that goes in favor of Python is that it has one of the largest communities, it is because a large number of students, professionals, and developers know and use Python. The community is not just large but it is also very helpful. As a beginner, you will get into problems and get confused about how to resolve the same. And that’s where this large community seems to be a godsend help. Beginners will find the solution to their problem as somebody may have faced it before as a beginner.

Integrated Development Environment

Python has its Integrated Development Environment (IDE) known as IDLE. IDLE provides both an Integrated Development Environment and an Integrated interactive Shell for the users to write and run the python codes in a single place. A separate IDE comes with some other benefits such as syntax highlighting, auto-complete, and automatic data type assignment, and much more.

Now after going through the top 4 benefits of Python let’s move to the main part of this article which is python challenges.

Python Challenges for Beginners

If you just started with Python then you may encounter many minor issues and problems, which makes you feel Python is a difficult programming language, but it is actually not. We are describing some common python challenges that beginners often face are and also its fix:

Setting up the Work Environment

Setting up the work environments to do practice and fulfill all the requirements is a very important step while learning Python. People always have trouble setting up the environment, which demotivates them at an early stage.

Fix: Instead of trying any other IDE go with Python’s own IDE and before setting it up. Check video tutorials and read the official guide. After going through all the available resources, start installing the IDE and setting it up step by step.

Deciding What to Write

Computers can’t do coding on its own for us, we have to guide it on every step. And that’s where beginners struggle with Python or any other programming language. Most beginners struggle with deciding where to start and what to create first. And If they found something interesting they struggle to write and include it in the code to get the desired result. Each word you add-in code has their own meaning and task, thus at first coding seems complex and errors seem inevitable.

Fix: Python as a language is very easy to learn and also reduces the challenges, but you should use the autocomplete feature of IDE to reduce the possibility of errors and also makes the coding process fast. Also, join online/offline classes or watch guides to improve your skills.

Compiler Errors

Beginners who are not very experienced with IDEs can easily panic getting a compiler error after executing their code. This is normal but they would not think to solve that error because they don’t have any idea about it.

Fix: Python features an inbuilt shell script that lets users discover all the problems in a less complex process.

Debugging the Code

As people with less experience and practice can face a variety of common mistakes one of them is Syntax errors. However, it can be reduced with time and experience. Debugging is an important part of IDE, Programming, and also for learning. It helps you to understand the problem and also helps you to become a better coder.

Fix: Python can highlight the errors in real-time, thus you can review the problem and also try to solve it. However, As we already said, it will be reduced with time, experience, and practice.


So, we described the benefits, problems, and also their solution above, Python is a very user-friendly dynamic language that makes everything easier for the coder or developer. The list of benefits is incomplete and you can understand the scope of this language that most of the web apps and desktop apps are developed using Python Programming language.

Now if we talk about challenges, we would like to say that problems may occur but you don’t have to worry about much, take the help of all the features available in the IDE and also don’t shy to ask your queries to the Community (forum, blogs, etc). Keep learning and keep exploring Python has a very wide scope and you will have a great future.

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