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Jelastic PaaS evolves to support Go programming language

Jelastic PaaS evolves to support Go programming language

Jelastic, the Multi-Cloud DevOps PaaS, has added support for Go cloud hosting to its platform.

When Jelastic was founded in 2011, it started as a true Java platform, but it evolved over the years to support PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and .NET programming languages. And now it has expanded the platform to support Go as well.

In an interview with DHN, Jelastic CEO Ruslan Synytsky said that multilingual support enables developers to deploy, scale and manage a variety of applications in the cloud, regardless of the specific programming language or software stack.

“Jelastic keeps advocating the “freedom of choice” idea, so widening up the list of supported languages is an obvious step for us,” mentioned Jelastic.

The platform provides a number of engine versions for creating a Go environment. These versions can be easily changed through containers redeployment.

Developers can now easily deploy the Go applications to Jelastic PaaS as Git projects. The apps are deployed via intuitive user interface (UI), and set up automatic update from Git without making any changes to the code.

Jelastic PaaS provides full automation of vertical scaling while running the Go projects. Hence, the users would need to pay only for the resources consumed. Since, the processes are automated, it also saves time on handling the load-related adjustments and architectural changes.

“Jelastic keeps advocating the “freedom of choice” idea, so widening up the list of supported languages is an obvious step for us. Go is still a budding star in the current IT market but it already showed a great potential helping to produce cutting-edge projects,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO.

“Many companies eager to make this technology an integral part of their development process in a fast and easy way, so we are glad to provide them with this possibility.”

Other than the automated load balancing and vertical scaling, Jelastic PaaS now also comes with manual and automatic horizontal scaling, and automated traffic distribution. New functionalities include public IPv4 and IPv6, ability to bind custom domains, custom or Jelastic SSL, user-friendly UI and direct SSH access for management.

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Enterprises can now register for Go cloud hosting at Jelastic PaaS and run dev, test and production environments.

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