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Jelastic PaaS 1.9.1 Features CRON Scheduler, PostgreSQL 9.2.4 Support, NetBeans IDE Plugin and more

Jelastic PaaS 1.9.1 Features CRON Scheduler, PostgreSQL 9.2.4 Support, NetBeans IDE Plugin and more

A fortnight after integration of its Java and PHP Cloud Platform with NetBeans IDE, Jelastic, Inc. today launched Jelastic PaaS 1.9.1, an upgraded version of the same with new features, improvements and bug fixes. Capable of running virtually any Java or PHP application, Jelastic does not require any code changes, and has extremely streamlined installation and configuration, which enables users to set up cloud environments in seconds, choose any of the major software stacks. New features and improvements:

  • Config manager improvement: Ability to set custom configurations for multiple application servers separately.
  • Support for PostgreSQL 9.2.4: Posgis module, which adds support for geographic objects allowing location queries to be run in SQL has been enabled. Additional features include Synchronous Replication, Per-Column Collations, Unlogged Tables, K-Nearest-Neighbor Indexing, Serializable Snapshot Isolation, Writeable Common Table Expressions, Security-Enhanced Postgres, Foreign Data Wrappers, Cascading replication, JSON support and Range Types support.
  • CRON Scheduler: Ability to perform periodic tasks without having to Virtual Dedicated Server.
  • Scheduling backups for end user DBs: Ability to reduce the impact of backup window downtime by scheduling backup process during off-peak hours when data is unlikely to be accessed.
  • Notifications about running out of resources: Email notifications with a suggestion to increase the cloudlet limit when/if consumption of application resources like Memory, Disk, CPU etc. reaches an appropriate threshold.
  • NetBeans IDE Plugin: NetBeans IDE optimizes Java and PHP development, and has features like Java EE support, high quality code editors, version control tools and an intuitive UI.
  • Software Stacks Versions: The component templates are updated to the latest versions:
Tomcat 6 6.0.36
Tomcat 7 7.0.37
TomEE 1.5.1
Jetty 6 6.1.26
GlassFish 3
Java 6 1.6.0_38
Java 7 1.7.0_11
MariaDB 5.5.30/10.0.1
MongoDB 2.4.1
MySQL 5.5.30
PostgreSQL 8 8.4.17
PostgreSQL 9 9.2.4
CouchDB 1.2.1
nginx 1.2.7
Maven 3.0.4
Centos 6 6.4
Memcached 1.4.15
Apache 2.2.15-26
PHP 5.3 5.3.23
PHP 5.4 5.4.13

Security updates:

  • Fail2Ban: Blocks IP addresses that may belong to hosts trying to breach the system’s security.
  • Migration to CentOS 6.4.
  • Update of MongoDB to 2.4.1.
  • Update of phpMyAdmin.
  • Update of PHP to 5.4.13 and 5.3.23.
  • PostgreSQL updated to 9.2.4 and 8.4.17.

Bug fixes:

? Description
JE-4723 Ability to add external IP for trial account environment
JE-4937 Environments can’t be loaded after signing in
JE-8573 Error sometimes appears while installing xWiki from JPS
JE-8761 “Undeploy failed” error while deleting context
JE-8771 SSL Connection Error while trying to log in admin page by HTTPS
JE-8782 When SSL is enabled a warning appears: WARNING: [SetAllPropertiesRule] Unknown macro: {Server/Service/Connector} Setting property ‘Disabled’ to ‘true’ did not find a matching property.
JE-8859 Can not upload nothing but .jar to lib folder
JE-8876 Container return error message: Warning: –directory (-d) option is undocumented and no-op. Use -rf for deleting non-empty dirs
JE-8993 502 – application down {Install applications using solutions}
JE-9022 Jetty app server does not delete old context automatically
JE-9048 Error appears while resetting MySQL password
JE-9096 Container returns error message after deploy: rmdir: /var/www/webroot/steins//index.php: Not a directory
JE-9097 Container returns error message: rmdir: failed to remove /var/www/webroot/api//aethas-api’: Directory not empty
JE-9100 Container returns error message after deploy: /usr/lib/jelastic/libs/php-common-deploy.lib: line 70: [: missing `]’
JE-9103 Custom SSL works for ROOT context only in NginxPHP node
JE-9242 Authentication Failed error while cloning project by link with port number
JE-9496 Inability to awake sleeping environment by URL except App Server (entry point) link

“Jelastic 1.9.1 features CRON scheduler, which allows users to schedule jobs to run periodically at certain times or dates. They can also run programs at a specified time with a help of scheduler, which receives instructions and performs any tasks following derived scenarios,” said Mr. Dmitry Sotnikov, COO, Jelastic. “Users can also backup databases or specific tables right from the configuration files. Jelastic assures that all data is being saved periodically and can be restored or reused,” he added. Earlier this year, Jelastic became the first public PaaS to offer Apache TomEE and launched Jelastic V 1.9. The new version is now available through a selection of web hosting providers. For more information, click here.

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