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Jelastic and Websolute Bring Cloud Hosting Platform Beta to Brazil

Jelastic and Websolute Bring Cloud Hosting Platform Beta to Brazil

Jelastic, Inc., the company behind the ultra scalable and interoperable cloud hosting platform for Java and PHP applications,  announced that it has launched its Beta with local hosting partner Websolute on Tuesday. Jelastic is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that runs any Java or PHP application with no lock-in or code changes required.

“We are very excited to announce Beta with Websolute in Brazil,” said Jelastic COO Dmitry Sotnikov. “Jelastic´s platform is rapidly gaining success around the world, and Websolute is an excellent partner for developers and SMBs in South America.”

Jelastic is gaining significant momentum as the PaaS of choice worldwide. Luis Schedel, director of WebSolute explains why, “One of the greatest advantages of this sophisticated PaaS solution is that it is so easy to use. It does not require developers to change their code in any way and handles administrative tasks automatically.”

Jelastic won Oracle´s Duke´s Choice Award for 2012, the Oscar of the Java community, for making cloud hosting extremely simple. Any developer can deploy an application to the cloud in minutes instead of hours, without making code changes. Applications also benefit from automatic scaling. CPU and RAM are instantly and automatically increased or decreased to ensure that applications have the resources they need and users pay only for the resources they use. It is very simple to manage environments to support the entire lifecycle of an application from development, to staging, to production.

Daniel Setton with Lembreteria, who participated in initial tests, said “easy” is the best word to define Websolute´s Jelastic. The solution, he said, makes life easier for the developer. “Vertical scaling is performed automatically when necessary, and horizontal scaling can be configured in just a few clicks. In fact, everything can be done in a few clicks.”

Bruno Souza, director of the Society for Technology Users Java (SouJava), also confirms the benefits reported by other users. “Jelastic provides a flexible environment and independent data centers. This is interesting for developers, who can count on the support and speed of a local environment, but have the possibility to expand to other international environments,” he concludes.

Websolute´s Jelastic PaaS supports a wide range of Java and PHP software stacks such as Tomcat, GlassFishJetty, Apache, NGINX application servers, as well as SQL (MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB) database servers and memecached. It also integrates with popular build systems (Maven, Ant, Hudson, and Jenkins) as well as Eclipse IDE and IntelliJ IDEA IDE.

Developers and SMBs can try Websolute´s Jelastic PaaS free for 60 days, by visiting

About Websolute:

Websolute started in 2011 and succeeded LinkBR, founded in 2006. With a focus on web services and IT applications for small and medium businesses, the company services the hosting needs of over 600 thousand users and 59,000 registered companies. Websolute was the first authorized reseller of Parallels products in Brazil and, with its broad portfolio of products and solutions, the company is one of the 30 largest providers in the country. Websolute aims to spread the concept of “Cloud Computing” to all micro, small and medium companies. For more information about Websolute, visit

About Jelastic:

Jelastic, Inc., a startup company based in Palo Alto, Calif., makes the Java server hosting platform for developers and hosting service providers. Jelastic is the only PaaS offering designed specifically for hosting service providers to deploy and make available to their customers. Jelastic automatically scales Java and PHP applications and allocates server resources required by applications, thus delivering the true next generation Java and PHP cloud computing. You can learn more about Jelastic or sign-up for the service for free at


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