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Jelastic and Layershift bring Cloud Hosting PaaS to UK and Ireland

Jelastic and Layershift bring Cloud Hosting PaaS to UK and Ireland

Jelastic, Inc., the company behind the ultra scalable and interoperable cloud hosting platform for Java and PHP applications, today announced it has launched commercially in the United Kingdom and Ireland with local hosting partner Layershift. Jelastic is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that, with Layershift´s global hosting services, runs any Java or PHP application with no lock-in or code changes required.

“We are very excited to announce commercial availability in the UK and Ireland with Layershift,” said Jelastic COO Dmitry Sotnikov. “We´ve already seen an extremely positive reaction from users, highlighting Layershift´s outstanding support quality and efficiency as a key factor promoting us against the competition.”

Gal, co-founder of innovative startup PixMix, already hosting on Layershift´s Jelastic platform agrees, “Any given ticket I opened at any time of the day and night was answered in minutes. At first I considered it a one time occasion, but they kept doing it!”

Jelastic is gaining significant momentum as the PaaS of choice worldwide. Layershift Managing Director, Andrew Cranson explains why the platform is creating such excitement, “UK developers understand the importance of keeping servers local to their users, but they´re fed up with the system administration headaches of running their own servers. It eats up a lot of valuable time, which users prefer to spend developing cool new software! Layershift´s new innovative cloud platform is here to rescue UK Java and PHP developers from long deployment times and platform-specific programming.”

Layershift customer Maciej Machulak, CEO of Cloud Identity Ltd, comments, “Our company develops web applications that have extremely high up-time requirements. Additionally, improvements to all our systems are introduced almost on a daily-basis. Our partnership with Jelastic and Layershift enabled us to introduce a zero touch deployment approach to all our applications that run on their infrastructure. It has also significantly increased the confidence that our clients have in our software. We look forward to expanding our collaboration as we run more and more of our systems in their environment.”

Jelastic helps developers and SMBs save time and money with rapid deployment and auto-scaling magic. For enterprise users, it eliminates vendor lock-in and provides a cost-effective way to handle large or unpredictable workloads. Jelastic scales CPU or RAM resources up or down automatically to meet application and usage requirements, so users avoid paying for unused resources and applications always perform at their best.

Developers were recently handed a further productivity boost with the announcement of Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA plugins enabling direct control of their Jelastic hosting environments from within the IDE.

Layershift´s Jelastic PaaS supports a wide range of standard Java and PHP software stacks such as Tomcat, GlassFish, Jetty, Apache, NGINX application servers, as well as SQL (MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL), NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB) database servers, and memcached.

Layershift is currently offering a free 14 day trial. Developers and SMBs alike can sign up at

About Layershift

Layershift Limited is a global leader in high-quality managed hosting services with infrastructure in the UK, New York, and Singapore. Layershift´s team of virtualization and hosting industry professionals use more than a decade of experience to consistently deliver end-to-end excellence in all aspects of the company, backed by their renowned technical support team achieving exceptionally high customer satisfaction (rated above 97% in Q3 2012). To find out more about Layershift´s Cloud VPS, Jelastic Cloud PaaS, Dedicated Server and Complex Hosting services please visit

About PixMix

PixMix is a mobile application available on Android and iOS that makes it easy to share photos with others nearby. For instance, if you are celebrating a social event, like a birthday party, participants take pictures with PixMix and they are instantly shared with everyone else at the party, via a shared photo album. Learn more at

About Cloud Identity

Cloud Identity Ltd specializes in development of advanced Access and Identity Management (AIM) solutions for the Web. Company´s software and services are targeted mostly for small and medium businesses as well as individuals. The company also provides consulting services in the area of security on the Web to various businesses within and outside of Europe. The company has recently launched its platform on Jelastic at Layershift, which is available at and

About Jelastic

Jelastic, Inc., a startup company based in Palo Alto, Calif., makes the Java server hosting platform for developers and hosting service providers. Jelastic is the only PaaS offering designed specifically for hosting service providers to deploy and make available to their customers. Jelastic automatically scales Java and PHP applications and allocates server resources required by applications, thus delivering the true next generation Java and PHP cloud computing. You can learn more about Jelastic or sign-up for the service for free at

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