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Iron Mountain partners with Web Werks to expand data center footprint to India

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain Incorporated, the storage and information management services company, has announced that, besides the press release dated February 24, 2021, it has closed on the agreement to form a joint venture with Web Werks, one of the top colocation data center providers of India. Iron Mountain anticipates investing $150 million in the next two years and expects to be the majority investor in the venture after the investment period.

Web Werks already operates Tier 3, carrier-neutral data centers in Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi NCR. It recently announced that they have obtained a land parcel to develop a standalone purpose-built Greenfield data center in Navi Mumbai. This new standalone 100,000 square foot structure is going to be a next-generation, Uptime Tier 3 designed data center with 12.5MW of power and a rich interconnectivity ecosystem comprising of major Telcos, 160+ ISPs and three major Internet Exchanges: Extreme IX, De-CIX, and NIXI. The new facility is expected to be ready for service by mid-2022, abuts Web Werks’ existing data center in Navi Mumbai.

“We are very pleased to reach today’s milestone and to join forces with the talented and seasoned team at Web Werks in order to meet the strong customer demand in India,” stated Michael Goh, General Manager, Asia-Pacific at Iron Mountain Data Centers. “Together we look forward to expanding and building new highly connected, secure and compliant data centers in the pan-India region for our hyperscale, network, content and enterprise customers.”

With the latest expansion of land, Web Werks is anticipated to have a consolidated footprint of 325,000 square feet, offer 16.5 MW of capacity, house six worldwide Points of Presence (POPs), enable access to more than 160 ISPs, support 6,000+ servers, and support a increasing customer base of 850+.

“India is one of the fastest growing digital markets in the world with 560 million internet subscribers and a rapidly growing number of businesses adopting digital transformation and moving workloads to the cloud,” stated Nikhil Rathi, CEO, Web Werks. “We are one of the few data center providers that can provide a pan-India footprint backed by the interconnected, compliant and scalable infrastructure needed to support the insatiable demand in the region.”

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