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iPresent For iPad Now Available

DAILYHOSTNEWS, January19, 2012 – Comsoft, one of the world’s leading mobile and tablet app development companies, has launched iPresent, a revolutionary new iPad app that enables business users and sales teams to display and present any content through one intuitive, fully branded interface. Powered by a secure web-based Content Management System, organisations can make sure that users can easily access the most up to date files and documents whenever and wherever they need it.

“The iPad is great for showing business slides, a movie clip or a technical document, but, until now, it hasn’t been able to organise all that content into one convenient place, for easy access,” said Phil Lenton, CEO, Compsoft Plc. “iPresent addresses this problem by organising and structuring the content, which can then be presented via fully customisable interactive iPad menu systems that can be tailored to fit any brand.”

iPresent is incredibly scalable – from single-person businesses up to large organisations with multiple teams, territories and languages. With the price of high quality bespoke-developed iPad apps at a premium, iPresent is favourably priced to ensure that businesses can benefit from using iPads during these uncertain economic times.

iPresent’s security model lets administrators group users and selectively grant access rights to different content, ensuring people only view information intended for them. Once users sign in to the iPad app, all content is downloaded over encrypted data connections. Full operation of the iPad app can also be achieved with or without a network connection.

To help establish iPresent there is a free trial, which allows any user to explore the functionality at no cost, while the full solution is available as a subscription, enabling companies to pay a single fee per user per month.

About Compsoft
Established in 1979, Compsoft found initial commercial success with Delta, an application development environment quickly adopted by major enterprises, financial institutions and governmental organisations. Later Compsoft introduced Equinox, which opened up the opportunity to embrace bespoke development. For the last decade Compsoft has used industry-leading technologies to develop custom software applications for use online, on desktops and on mobile devices
For more information about this innovative service, please go to or email The app is also freely available from the App Store.

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