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Investigative Journalism Got a New Home with YouTube – The I Files

Rigorous reporting & Investigative Journalism surely get a way ahead with YouTube – The I Files. Curated by the Center for Investigative Reporting with funding from the Knight Foundation, The I Files will be a hub and community for investigative journalism on the web, showcasing reporting that digs deep into stories, gives background to complex issues, and reveals details that help us make better sense of our world.


The investigative news channel, I Files, launched yesterday with 10 videos and is reported to be updated on a daily basis. Programmed by the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR), The I Files selects and showcases the best investigative videos from around the world. An official blogpost on Center for Investigative Reporting’s website details that the stories shown will ‘investigate power, reveal secrets and illuminate your world.

As per YouTube’s blogpost, “The contributors to The I Files include such luminary media outlets as The New York Times, BBC, ABC News and Al Jazeera, and organizations like the Investigative News Network and their member non-profit news organizations like the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting, the Center for Public Integrity, and the Investigative Workshop at American University.”

Sharing the vision behind this experiment, Stephen Talbot, Senior Producer at CIR stated on a blogpost, “The main assignment of I Files is to be timely and relevant, to provide an outlet for a citizen journalist who captures an incredible moment on camera, but above all to dig deeper and to present well-reported and engaging stories that offer real information and insights.”

Talbot further states, “With The I Files, we hope to create a community of engaged viewers and video journalists who share a passion for discovering how the world really works and how it can change.”

Check out the I Files Facebook page or Subscribe to I Files to get the best of online investigate journalism reach directly to your Inbox.

How you see the future of investigative journalism with I Files? Comments Invited!!


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