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Interview with Graham Marran , founder of the AeroVPS Group

Interview with Graham Marran , founder of the AeroVPS Group

DHN exclusive interview with founder of AeroVPS Group, Mr. Graham Marran

1. Tell us something about yourself and your position in AeroVPS.

My name is Graham Marran, I am the founder of the AeroVPS Group, which consists of AeroVPS and RackLot at the moment. I ensure that the ‘ship’ is following course (metaphor for our business plan and goals) and tasks as well as service levels are maintained at our legendary standards.

2.Give an overview about your company, its origin and services?

AeroVPS started as college project, offering shared hosting, later offering reseller hosting and finally growing to offering VPS, VPN and dedicated hosting. Today we offer exceptionally competitive pricing and renown customer service levels and stability to corporate clients in the United States and around the world. We were situated in Torrance, California but just recently relocated to Sarasota, Florida with the recent birth of RackLot.

What do you offer which is unique to your company?

We take support very seriously, and we realize that social networking plays a big part of consumer’s day to day lives and the way they interact today, more than ever. This is why we have Facebook presence for all our companies, but I also have my own page, where customers can request information or relay complaints to me directly. Not just that, but all tickets are sent to my mobile phone for me to follow up on. I take customer service to the maximum and this is very unique in a company.

3.What is the most exciting as well as challenging part of your business?

The most exciting thing personally is seeing new trends unleash in the hosting industry as there’s so much competition out there and when you have the competitive advantage it’s always interesting to see new technologies release, however it can be very challanging implementing these new technologies in your business.

4. What is your take on eco-friendly hosting?

Our data center strives to operate as efficiently as possible while providing the utmost in consistency and maintainability. Through unique features that optimize power consumption, our facility is designed to operate with a 1.39 Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) without the use of outside air. Overall, AeroVPS employs several green strategies to drive efficiencies and performance. None of these result in any premiums to clients, and in fact result in cost savings we pass along to you.

5. Where do you see AeroVPS in next 5 years?

AeroVPS has just recently become AeroVPS Group, and this transition is still in progress as we speak, however in the next 5 years the Group will have taken a few more companies and thus increasing the products we offer severely, the more the web develops the more we need to ensure we’re keeping up, so there’s some exciting things in the pipeline, watch this space!

6. Is there anything new you are coming up with to offer to potential customers?

Well, as I said, with new acquisitions we look at offering unique products, and this will all form part of the Group. Potential customers already have all the resources to find pre-sales support- phone, Facebook, Skype, website submission and email. We respond in record time and as the web grows, we will grow with it offering even easier ways to get in contact with us. Our prices will always be low and our standard high. We are currently looking at offering cloud file sharing, so this is something that should become available soon. We’re always changing for the better, introducing new concepts and services and this is super-exciting!

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