Interview with Codero President & CEO

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Q : What is your name and position with Codero?

A : My name is Jonathan Ewert and I am the President and CEO of Codero.

Q : Tell us the milestones that the company has reached in past 5 years?

A: Codero has achieved a number of business milestones, including SAS Type II certification, PCI compliance, and Microsoft Gold Certification. The company has also been recognized with multiple industry awards in the dedicated and managed hosting industry over the years.

Q : How Codero distinguish itself from the other hosting providers?

A : At Codero, you’ll find several differentiators. Our customer loyalty program is one way our company is different from other hosting providers. Through the Codero Rewards Program, customers can upgrade to items they may need without spending more money. For every dollar you spend with Codero, you earn free points that are good towards upgrading your dedicated server, firewall or online backup solution. In addition, on an every-day basis, a Price Match Challenge is available to competitively price our products and services. It’s a guarantee that we will match or beat any price received from a hosting competitor. The low-cost solutions on the most current technology set us apart as well and are what keep our customers highly satisfied.

Q : How you see the future of web hosting industry & Codero?

A: The future of web hosting is wide open which is exciting for our company. Codero’s primary emphasis is on dedicated and managed servers, that’s been our foundation for over a decade, but we continue to launch new services designed to help our customers be successful in the future. Codero can now provide cost-effective hybrid infrastructure solutions that require no capital investment or additional staffing. We are focused on what’s right for the enterprise, not what’s right for us. Codero continues to embrace the challenge of creating innovative ways to leverage multiple technologies in our customers favor so they ultimately can cut and control costs.

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Q : Are there any current offers at Codero that you want to tell us?

A : We continually have a range of offers and specials each month based on what the market demands. In addition, all servers are supported by a 99.9% uptime guarantee with 24/7/365 live support.

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