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Internet to deploy IPv6 from June 6,2012

DAILYHOSTNEWS, 21 January 2012- The world of internet is all set to run with the next generation IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6). As the current Internet Protocol (IPv4) is running out of address, all the internet service providers, website companies and network operators have joined hands for the launch of new IPv6 scheduled on June 6, 2012.

The adoption of new IPv6 is seen as a remarkable evolution in the internet’s history.

Major Internet service providers (ISPs) including AT&T, Comcast, Free Telecom, Internode and others along with web companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo are looking forward to enable IPv6 on their main websites permanently, with effect from June 6, 2012.

Earlier on June 8, 2011, World IPv6 Day, the first global scale trial of IPv6 was organized by Internet Society.

The global event was marked by the participation of popular websites and Internet service providers with more than 1000 other websites. The event was organized to ensure the seamless transition to IPv6 to enable the Internet to continue to grow to connect billions of new people and devices.

Leslie Daigle, the Internet Society’s Chief Internet Technology Officer said, “World IPv6 Launch is an indication that IPv6 is no longer a lab experiment; it’s here and is an important next step in the Internet’s evolution.”

As IPv4 addresses is exhausting, it is critical for every segment of the industry to adopt IPv6 or risk increased costs and limited functionality online for Internet users everywhere.

Presently, IPv4 has nearly four billion IP addresses (the sequence of numbers assigned to each Internet-connected device). The continuous increase in number of people, devices and web services on the Internet indicates that IPv4 is running out of space. IPv6, the next-generation Internet protocol has the capacity to provide more than 340 trillion, trillion, trillion addresses, will connect the billions of people not connected today making sure that Internet continues its current growth rate.

More info: Internet Society


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