Interaction with Aaron Wangenheim of T5 Data Centers

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Aaron Wangenheim of T5 Data Centres in a candid conversation with Daily Host News.

Aaron Wangenheim-T5 Data Centers

1. Tell us something about yourself and your position in T5 Data Centers.

It’s very exciting to be part of a group that is pushing the envelope in the data centre development world. I came on board last year to spearhead West Coast operations, including the development of our Los Angeles project, and chase new opportunities on behalf on T5. My career in data centres started in 1998 when I was involved with site selection and acquisition for Digital Island, and then other early hosting companies.

2. Give an overview about your company, its origin and services?

Our approach is very real estate and operations focused. We concentrate on wholesale data center development and operation, and also have a powered shell offering at our campus in North Carolina. Unlike some other wholesale providers, we are not in the retail colocation world and therefore will not compete with our customers. Our standard product is a Tier III design, but we’re able to vary the specifics to meet our customer’s requirements. Our team has been involved in data centers since the mid 1990s, with a focus on site selection, construction and development.

3. What do you offer which is unique to your company?

T5 looks to customize the facility for the end user. We want to build the data centre they want, not force them into a design we dictate. Every customer has unique needs and it takes some effort to work through the details, but it has to be right for the user.

4. What is the most exciting as well as challenging part of your business?

I like to build things. Creating a commissioned data centre is a very complicated effort, and seeing it come together over a year is really exciting. But it takes a great team to pull it off.

5. What is your take on eco-friendly hosting?

Corporate sustainability policies have certainly reached into the data centre. Our job is to deliver a responsible product that continues to offer the reliability and resilience our clients demand. Our customers are asking for best practices including reducing wasted electricity via low PUE, using outside air cooling whenever possible, LEED certification and a responsible power generation mix.

6. Where do you see T5 Data Centers in next 5 years?

Our growth will outpace the overall market demand for new data centres. We will be expanding in new cities throughout the US this year and shortly thereafter will expand overseas.

7. Is there anything new you are coming up with to offer to potential customers?

We’re refining our campus concept to give customers private buildings, not just private suites, while continuing to offer the lower cost efficiencies that a large datacentre build offers. We’re pretty excited about the response we’re getting from customers to this option already.

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