Intelligent, Auto-Scalable Cloud Platform ‘eNlight’ by Eukhost Ltd.

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eUKhost announces the launch of eNlight Cloud Computing Platform, a Platform that is equipped with an innovative web based GUI enabling Instant Deployment of VM’s, High Performance, Intelligent Scalability, Reliability and affordability in the form of Pay-Per-Use payment model.

DAILYHOSTNEWS – eUKhost Ltd. ( a UK based company offering fully managed web hosting services, announced a public launch of their new cloud platform eNlight. The new Cloud Platform offers users’ privileges such as rapid deployment of VMs, VM management through an easy to use web based interface and an auto-scalable multi-server cluster architecture. eNlight focuses on a true pay-as-you-go payment model.

“eNlight offers an altogether different approach to instant vertical scaling capabilities of a Cloud. With eNlight, users can avail flexibility, economy and security at the same time, unlike any other company in the industry.” claims a senior representative from eUKhost Ltd. eUKhost’s ten years of experience offers them the capability to serve a robust environment for eNlight servers as a service product. The web-based GUI powered by AJAX, helps customers with real-time deployment of new VMs as well as real time monitoring of the already created VMs. eNlight offers an on-demand intelligent auto-scalable service created on a cluster of high configuration dedicated servers.

One of the most prominent features of eNlight Cloud is the pre-paid billing system where customers can predict their usage using the predictor tool and forecast their bill. This however does not imply that customers cannot use anything more or less than their self-predicted resource utilizations. Being a Cloud Environment, eNlight saves enormous upfront hardware set-up costs. Optimum usage of resources due to eNlight’s Auto scaling technology along with Pay-As-You-Go feature ensures that you only pay for the resources your VM actually uses. These considerations alone enable savings of up to 60% for clients.

Intelligent Scalability Network Infrastructure – The server infrastructure setup on eNlight Cloud platform allows resources on VMs to scale-up or down depending upon the demand. The intelligent tool fetches the necessary resources from a large pool of free resources and allocates it to the VM as and when required, allowing the website(s) to achieve optimum scalability and perform at optimum levels. Similarly, it scales down and de-allocates resources to your virtual machine when the demand falls during off peak hours.

Enhanced Flexibility and Pricing – eNlight is claimed to offer flexibility and cost-effective solution for websites of any size. Users can forecast their bills based on the amount of CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, Disk Space deployed on eNlight and also check the billing on an hourly basis. No charges for setup and no minimum contracts imply that eNlight Cloud gives users the flexibility and freedom to host their websites when they want, as they want and for the duration they want. Users can upgrade anytime on their own without the need of involving the support staff of eUKhost.

“Customer demands are changing rapidly and the need for scalability and redundancy are the primary concerns that are gaining importance increasingly. Moreover, affordable cloud hosting and pay-per-use are the features that customers associate with cloud hosting these days. To keep up with the changing trends in the industry, we have deployed a pay-per-use payment model where a customer would only have to pay for the resources that they actually use instead of paying a fixed monthly fees” said Stanley Jones, Business Development Manager at eUKhost Ltd.

To check the detailed list of features, you may visit :

eNlight Cloud
eNlight SLA

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