Informatica Goes Green in the Data center

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DAILYHOSTNEWS, January18, 2012 – IT vendor Informatica said it has drastically reduced the amount of carbon emissions at its data centers by using analytics stools, retrofitting its lighting and carrying out further airflow management.

The company said that in total, it has seen a 73% reduction in energy use in the data center thanks to the company virtualizing 75% of its servers and the use of intelligent energy management.

It means the company has saved about 12.5mkWh of energy that would have been used for servers and cooling in a year.

It installed an energy monitoring solution by Vigilent it said has saved Informatica 333,370 pounds of CO2 in the year just on cooling alone.

The system provides information and automated control on airflow and cooling for the data center using a wireless mesh network of sensors, collecting data at hundreds to thousands of locations in the data center, the company said.

Informatica has made a large push in the last year to bring down costs and make the company more environmentally friendly, investing in electric cars and recycling. Its efforts in the data center, however, have brought about some of the biggest changes.

It said a lighting retrofit alone saved 25,800 kWh a year – or 34,572 pounds a year CO2.

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