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Immersive computing – XR ( AR/VR/MR) Interfaces – Primer

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XR (Extended Reality ) interfaces are becoming mainstream. Broadly XR is an umbrella term encompassing AR ( Augmented Reality ) , VR ( Virtual reality ) , MR ( Mixed Reality )  etc .  Tech like VR was prominent in the gaming side of things earlier. But now this tech is coming mainstream due to

  1. Newer product features and services can be created through the use of these technologies
  2. Business teams are realising the power of AR/VR
  3. Interfaces are 3D . They are reduce the overall cognitive load for the end user and are much more intuitive to use
  4. Tech giants have launched newer powerful toolkits on AR/VR .
  5. Newer AR/VR glasses are getting lanched. These have powerful hardware , are easy to use .
  6. Mobile phones are now equipped with better cameras and processing power.  Delivering AR through mobile has become easier now.
  7. Increasing developer and  3D modellers community
  8. M&A  and Investments happening in this space

Technology like AR has the potential to create low touch / contactless product experiences.Specifically as we recover in Covid times, these  suite of technologies can enable these experiences.

Taking a practical use case like going to mall and shopping for food products kept on the aisle .  Using the power of mobile + AR , user can just point to the product and get information like country of origin, allergy information, expiry date, price etc by just pointing to the product .   There is no need to physically pick up the product and view all the details .

VR shows a lot of promise in the virtual maintenance trainings and education . But at this stage , the experience sometimes gets bit limited due to the bulky form factor of the HMD ( head mounted device ) .

Overall this tech shows lot of promise and is poised for growth down the line

There is better tooling , SDK

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