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iboss announces Azure Cloud Security Gateways: A revolutionary extension of its Zero Trust SSE into Azure

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Azure Cloud Security Gateways

In an age where cybersecurity has become a paramount concern for businesses moving datacenter infrastructure into Azure, the need to migrate the functions of datacenter network security appliances into Azure is critical. iboss, the leading name in Zero Trust, unveils its latest groundbreaking capability: the Azure Cloud Security Gateways. This new feature of iboss’ Zero Trust Security Service Edge (SSE) provides security directly within Azure, transforming how businesses manage and safeguard their digital ecosystems.

Problem: As organizations transition to cloud infrastructure such as Azure, they face challenges in replacing traditional on-premises firewalls and proxies in datacenters with cloud-native solutions. Directing traffic from Azure to datacenters for network security and logging is costly and slow, leading to increased expenses on bandwidth and the need for datacenter-based network security appliances. Furthermore, providing contractors and employees with access to private Azure Virtual Desktops and resources involves complex VPNs and network configurations.

Solution: The features of Azure Cloud Security Gateways by iboss provide instant security within Azure and its private Virtual Networks. Instead of backhauling data to data centers, which can be costly and slow, iboss’ Zero Trust SSE provides security directly into Azure to provide security including malware defense, DLP, CASB, policy controls and logging. This enhances performance and cuts down on bandwidth and datacenter expenses. Users can seamlessly connect to Azure resources such as Azure Virtual Desktop and authenticate via Single Sign-On (SSO) with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), without needing a VPN or RDP client, thanks to iboss’ Browser Isolation.

By leveraging iboss’ unique containerized architecture, the features of Azure Cloud Security Gateways extends the security edge natively into Azure private networks. It offers comprehensive security capabilities all managed under a singular cloud admin console, ensuring a unified security policy across all user touchpoints and locations. Paul Martini, CEO of iboss, comments, “The Azure Cloud Security Gateways are not just another feature added to our platform. They represent our commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing businesses that leverage Azure with holistic security solutions tailored to the evolving digital landscape.

How can the features of Azure Cloud Security Gateways benefit companies?

  • Provides network security within minutes directly inside of Azure for Cloud
  • iboss’ Zero Trust SSE provides  malware defense, DLP, policy controls, logging and CASB for all Azure resources
  • Provides a central security service to protect remote users and Azure within a single platform
  • Provides users access to Azure Virtual Desktop with SSO and MFA
  • Combines with iboss Browser Isolation for agentless access to any private Azure resource, including AVD
  • Eliminates network data backhaul to datacenters from Azure by providing security directly within Azure

Furthermore, the solution caters to unique use cases such as connecting remote users and contractors to Azure Virtual Desktop, offering Azure Cloud Infrastructure and Service Protection, and facilitating Azure vnet to vnet Connectivity and Protection. By bridging the gap between Azure’s cloud infrastructure and iboss’ pioneering Zero Trust SSE, organizations can ensure that their move to the cloud is strategic and secure.

To learn more about iboss Azure Cloud Security Gateways, visit

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